Wednesday 5 September 2012

More Paralympic Gold Medal stamps to be issued today

Royal Mail will issue more gold medal stamps today following these successes by Great Britain's athletes.

September 3rd medals continued:

Shropshire's Mickey Bushell made a brilliant start and powered away to finish in 14.75 seconds, to win the T53 100m final. (Stamp PGMW-G1)

Britain's Dani Brown made it back-to-back Paralympic archery titles after beating compatriot Mel Clarke in the compound open final. (Stamp PGMW-G2)

September 4th medals:

Swimmer Heather Frederiksen takes gold in the S8 100m backstroke - beating her main rival, the USA's Jessica Long and retaining her title. (Stamp PGMW-G3)

Dressage star Sophie Christiansen became the first Briton to win three golds at the London Paralympics. The 24-year-old, riding Janeiro 6, posted a huge score of 84.750% to take victory in the freestyle dressage Grade 1a test.  (Stamp PGMW-G4)

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  1. Wow! What a great time to be a GB collector. Every day something new - what will we see, when will it be issued, what will the format be? Despite RM U-turns, confusion over dates, the compendium foul-up, the costs of getting them all etc, this has to be one of the most exiting periods of my GB collecting career (50+ years). Hats-off to RM for doing it this way (they will learn I'm sure from some of their problems) and a big WELL DONE to all the blogs and dealers (especially Ian) for keeping us up-to-date and working around an ever-changing schedule. Perhaps all future issues should come out this way - announce them one day and issue the next!


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