Thursday 6 September 2012

None today but four more gold medal stamps on Friday.

There is no stamp issue on Thursday 6 September.  
These four will be issued Friday 7th September.

As we announced on Monday, the Team Dressage stamp will use a picture from the medal ceremony which will take place on the evening of Tuesday 4 September. The stamp is shown as the fourth one on sheet H.

September 4 medals continued:

David Weir successfully defended the T54 1500m Paralympic title he won in Beijing with another stunning display.  Following his gold in the 5,000m on Sunday, he edged out Prawat Wahoram in a record time of three minutes 12.09 seconds to claim the fourth Paralympic gold medal of his career. (Stamp PGWM-H1)

September 5 medals:

Sarah Storey made it three victories from three events at London 2012, winning the C5 women's road cycling time trial at Brands Hatch. (Stamp PGWM-H2)

Ollie Hynd won Great Britain's sixth swimming gold of 2012 with a brilliant performance in the SM8 200m individual medley. (Stamp PGWM-H1 PGWM-H3)

September 2 medals concluded:
Sophie Christiansen won the individual Dressage Grade 1a, and with Deb Criddle, Sophie Wells, and Lee Pearson won the Team Dressage gold. 
(Stamp PGWM-H4)

And this is what the whole sheet looks like if you can find one:


  1. Please post this in appropriate section. I'm not sure if this comment has already been posted by someone else.

    I purchased a full set of Olympic GMW mini sheets with the printer location from my local po. I also ordered two sets from RM and wondered what I would get from the four possible gutter variations.

    Guess what?. RM remove the gutter/selvedge.

    So, if you want the gutter included you need to order full sheets from RM or visit a PO in person.

    1. Eric, this is as good a place as any.

      You are, I'm sure, referring to the Paralympics rather than Olympics. There is no gutter.

      There is a left selvage the same as there was on the Olympic A4 sheets; the central vertical roulette which enables separation of the two miniature sheets runs immediately adjacent to the Lion logo of the right-hand MS, ie in exactly the same place as on the left-hand MS. This leaves a white space of equal size to the right of the text on both miniature sheets.

      And our village PO, one of the 2nd wave of 4500, received all the miniature sheets loose, ie not in A4 sheets. I don't know why but I presume it is to save the sub-postmaster the trouble of separating them, with the possible risk of damage.

    2. I'm referring to the Olympic GMW stamps, as stated, not the paralympic stamps.

    3. Apologies, in that case it would have been better on one of the Olympics posts, but as we are here....

      There's no gutter on the Olympic sheets, only the left selvage. I'm guessing but I'll wager that Royal Mail Edinburgh decided not to leave the selvage on to save them from having to ensure that a collection consisted of all the same position, and to avoid customers requesting specific positions.

      Not so much a full philatelic service, more a sales outlet. That's why we can't get specific security definitives from them. Contact me after 12 October if you want to exchange a set for one with the selvage.

  2. Regards the Equestrian stamp PGWM-H4, please can someone confirm the order of the athletes. The label states "Sophie Christiansen, Deb Creddle, Lee Pearson, Sophie Wells", but the order looks different on the stamp itself.


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