Friday 7 September 2012

Paralympic Gold Medal Winner Stamps - 8th Sept issues

A rundown of the medal stamps we know will be issued on Saturday - RM may issue more if, as seems likely, there are more winners today in addition to Josie Pearson.

Helena Lucas took gold and Alexandra Rickham and Niki Birrell bronze as Britain won its first ever Paralympic sailing medals in Weymouth, in the 2.4mR class in a single-handed small keelboat. (stamp PGMW-I1)

Sarah Storey equalled the British record for modern Paralympic victories as she routed the C4-5 road race to win her 4th gold medal of the London 2012 games. (stamp PGMW-I2)

Fifteen-year-old Josef Craig claimed gold in the S7 400 metres freestyle, breaking his own world record in the process. (stamp PGMW-I3)

Hannah Cockroft sets a new Paralympic record of 31.90 seconds in winning the T34 women's 200m (stamp PMGW-I4).

And finally, the A4 sheet layout image: for the I issue:


  1. The keen-eyed among you will have noticed a new by-line appearing on the blog for this entry.

    Ian is taking a short break, which was scheduled before the revised plans for the Paralympics - this was going to be a quiet period!

    1. No rest for the wicked! Perhaps he will send you a postcard!

  2. Are the references correct by having two PGWM-H1's Showing for Sept 4th Ollie Hynd and for David Weir?
    Doug (Enfield)

    1. Thanks Anon. I have updated the original post, and also added the code for the equestrian team gold stamp.


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