Tuesday 18 October 2022

October slogan postmarks and other interesting postal markings

There has been little news so far of new slogan postmarks. I believe the 'Use your old stamps' slogan for the Datamatrix Swap-Out scheme has continued throughout, although with little stamped mail arriving here I rely on examples sent by readers (thank you WU for this one).

Barcoded stamps swap-out slogan, Manchester Mail Centre 04/10/2022

This has now been interrupted by the first new slogan this month, marking World Menopause Awareness Day 18 October which was used yesterday - so examples will probably be scarce and I look forward to our eagle-eyed readers sending examples of the other layout!  My thanks to KD for this example from Sheffield Mail Centre.

World Menopause
Awareness Day
18 October

Menopause can affect
everyone - let's talk and
make a real difference

World Menopause Awareness Day slogan Sheffield Mail Centre 17/10/2022
Thanks to RW for the other layout from Croydon Mail Centre on the same date.
World Menopause Awareness Day slogan Croydon Mail Centre17-10-2022


King Charles III mail.

My thanks to BM for sending this sight of the first postal evidence of the new King.  This is not, of course a postmark as such, it is a postage paid impression (PPI) on mail used at Buckingham Palace under contract W7047.  

It's unusual for a PPI because it combines elements of a postmark of franking machine (meter) mark, and a normal PPI.  Normal franking machines do show the date & place of posting and a different type of indication that postage has been paid (I shall show some this month) and a PPI shows the contract number, the postage service (1st, 2nd etc) but not the date and place of posting.

Where the company logo or return address might be shown, this shows the newly-revealed cypher of King Charles III.

Buckingham Palace dated Postage Paid Impression with cypher of King Charles III


UPDATE 25 October.

I've had further information about the new-style counter date stamp already in use at Boscombe. At the end of the trial "the go ahead has been given and they are now bing made available for postmaster across the UK to purchase ALONGSIDE the existing Reiner stamp. "  Thanks to Adam at Boscombe for this.  

This is the place where all news about October postmarks - provided by readers or discovered by us - will be posted.  Please check back and refresh the page before sending anything which may have already been sent since you last looked: this will save you time scanning and writing.  Variants on postmarks already shown are also welcome.

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