Wednesday 19 October 2022

What's the cost of 1st & 2nd class mail? It depends who you are.

We all know that a basic 2nd class letter costs 68p to post whilst 1st class is 95p - the biggest difference there has ever been, a margin easily made up by using an old 27p stamp.  But it isn't the same price for everybody and your incoming mail can make an interesting postal history collection.

Large business users can get big discounts for bulk mailing, more for pre-sorting, more for having a sorting barcode built into the address.  We'll never know the rate paid for most direct mail that comes through our door because most of it is handled by another company with Royal Mail only involved for the final delivery.

Franked (or Meter) Mail does show the price paid.  In the past this was generally the same rate as paying with stamps, and may still be now, but there are still discounts to be had and these produce a range of prices shown below.

2nd class 68p - Letter 51p, Advanced Letter 48p

2nd class letter 51p, 2nd Advanced Letter 48p - September 2022

1st class 95p - Letter 78p, Advanced Letter 75p

1st class letter 78p, 1st Advanced Letter 75p.

 2nd class Large

2nd class 250g letter £1.31 rather than £1.65 for using stamps.


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