Friday 18 June 2021

Post and Go update, Explosions Museum Gosport.

The Explosion Museum of Naval Firepower in Gosport has reopened and the Post and Go machine was operational from 16 June.  MB reports that the P&G delay was caused by a problem with the SIM card within the kiosk not allowing a network connection.

Machin is MA15 stock with the Flag undated, my thanks to MB for sending these images.


  1. Your posts seem to be concentrating more and more on Post and go issues. Have collectors given up with Machins and commemorative stamps or am I missing something.

    1. We've had 1 P&G post in June, 1 in May, and I think only 1 in April.

      In the same period we have had 1 Machin booklet post in June, 1 Machin forgery post in May, and at least 5 in April.

      The fact is there is very little Machin news. We have had no listing of new printings from Royal Mail and very few reports of new M21L Machins from any source. I'm gathering images of what M21L Machins have been reported, just as a way of showing them in one place, but unless you know of anything that has not been reported, the absence of mentions is because there is nothing to say.

      As for commemorative stamps every new issue is shown here as and when it is possible to do so. The programme is shown in January, and repeated here together with the date of the post in which details and images are provided.

      4-Jan-2021 National Parks 27 December 2020

      26-Jan-2021 United Kingdom: A Celebration - 14 January

      16-Feb-2021 Fools and Horses - 2 February

      16-Mar-2021 Legend of King Arthur - 16 March

      29-Mar-2021 Queen RB - 17 March

      15-Apr-2021 Classic Science Fiction - 9 April

      04-May-2021 Wars of the Roses - 20 April

      28-May-2021 Music Giants V - Paul McCartney - 6 May

      24 June 2021 - Prince Philip - 13 May

      01-July-2021 - Dennis and Gnasher and 22nd July Wild Coasts - as much as can be written is on 2 June. Royal Mail embargo precludes the provision of any more detail.

  2. This advanced info is direct from the Postal Museum that kiosk A012 in the Mail Rail Welcome Space has developed a disk fault and so is going to be swapped for another machine early next week. If you’d like to be there on the first day its replacement is available then do drop by on Thursday 1st July.
    At the moment the replacement kiosk number is not known.

    1. Technical problems have delayed the start time of the new kiosk at Mail Rail and it will not be available from opening time tomorrow and may also be delayed by a few days.
      Will report back when I know more.

  3. I hope Bob is quicker at doing that than supplying receipts for strips purchased at another site and has failed to deliver in everyway. Being fobbed of with excuses is not good enough.

    1. Complain that Royal Mail philatelic rather than out up with their contractor’s inadequacy.

  4. I bought some Post & Go stamps for just normal mail a few days ago in my local main Post Office in St Helens - WA10....It was only when I looked at the receipt later that it was printed with the address of a post office at St John Street, Chester CH1 1AA....just wondered if this was of any interest to Post & Go enthusiasts?

  5. Update to the Mail Rail entry the new kiosk will be A013 at Mail Rail the go live date has been pushed back to the 22nd July.
    Now additionally to this on the same day at the postal museum kiosk A001 the postcards 150 overprint will be removed from the mail coach design so leaving just the postal museum as the standard overprint its first time with the new Europe and Worldwide Large rates as part of the collector strip.


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