Monday 7 June 2021

June Postmark Slogans - and other postmarks of interest

June hasn't started particularly well, with very mixed results for the first slogan.  But we can only hope that things will get better and that there are other notable events that Royal Mail decides to commemorate with a slogan postmark.  I wonder if the Trooping of the Colour (The Queen's Official Birthday) will be included.

Thanks to MM, KD & JE for these examples of the World Environment Day slogan - between them we can work out the message!

World Environment
5 June 2021

World Environment Day slogan Dorset & S.W.Hants 02-06-2021

World Environment Day slogan Peterborough Mail Centre 02?-06-2021

World Environment Day slogan Lancashire and South Lakes 02/06/2021

UPDATE 14 June: Thanks to KD for the latest slogan which publicises LONELINESS AWARENESS WEEK.  This is the same slogan as used in 2020, here used on 11 June at Edinburgh Mail Centre.

    WEEK  2021  


Loneliness Awareness Week 2021 - Edinburgh Mail Centre 11-06-2021

UPDATE 16 June.  There's another new slogan in use reminding those who need to be reminded that it is Father's Day on Sunday.  At least, that's what we assume from a very poor example from Home Counties North Mail Centre forwarded by MM.  It's so poor that it won't grace this page until we get a better example.

UPDATE 22 June: thank you to everybody who has sent in examples of the Father's Day slogan.  We had our 'event' on Monday because the weather was so bad on Sunday, so I'm a bit late with these. Father's day has been marked sporadically by Royal Mail - with a search on this blog for Father (using the box at top left) the last one I can see is 2017.

Don't forget
Father's Day
Sunday 20 June

Examples from Southampton Portsmouth & IOW (16/06/2021), Swindon (16-06-2021), an unnecessary Edinburgh (15-06-2021), Lancashire and South Lakes (16/06/2021) [Preston MC].  Thanks to KD, RW, JE and others, for these.

Don't Forget Father's Day Sunday 20 June postmark slogan - Lancashire & S Lakes 16/06/2021

Don't Forget Father's Day Sunday 20 June postmark slogan - Southampton, Portsmouth & IOW 16/06/2021

Don't Forget Father's Day Sunday 20 June postmark slogan - Swindon 16/06/2021

Don't Forget Father's Day Sunday 20 June postmark slogan - Edinburgh 15/06/2021

UPDATE 9 July. Thanks to JG for this example of the Father's Day slogan reversed from SE Wales 18/06/2021

Don't Forget Father's Day Sunday 20 June postmark slogan reversed on square envelope - De Dd Cymru SE Wales 18/06/2021

Father's Day is followed by a slogan for Pride Month.  Thanks again to regular contributors mentioned above for Medway, Edinburgh, Preston (all 21/06/2021), Chester (19/06/2021), and to RL for North West Midlands (21/06/2021)

Royal Mail
Delivering with
Pride Month 2021

Pride Month 2021 postmark slogan - Edinburgh 21-06-2021

Pride Month 2021 postmark slogan - Preston 21/06/2021

Pride Month 2021 postmark slogan - Chester & N Wales - Caer a Gog Cymru 19-06-2021

Pride Month 2021 postmark slogan - Medway Mail Centre 21/06/2021

Pride Month 2021 postmark slogan - North West Midlands 21/06/2021

Pride Month 2021 postmark slogan - Southampton 19/06/2021

UPDATE 26 June.  Thanks to JE and KD for providing examples of this year's Armed Forces Day slogan.  Examples here from Lancashire and South Lakes (Preston) on 24/06/2021 and Chester on 23/06/2021.

Armed Forces
Saturday 26 June 2021
Armed Forces Day slogan postmark Chester & N Wales 23/0602021

Armed Forces Day slogan postmark Lancashire and South Lakes 24/0602021

A second slogan this week is in support of the charity providing bereavement support to families in which a baby has died -  A good example from Southampton Portsmouth & IOW on 25/06/2021 from CH, and some less successful ones from Preston and Leeds Mail Centres (thank you JE).
                     For anyone affected 
       by baby loss
Sands bereavement charity slogan, Southampton Mail Centre 25/06/2021

Sands bereavement charity slogan, North & West Yorkshire (Leeds Mail Centre) and Lancashire and South Lakes (Preston Mail Centre) 25/06/2021

Other postmarks which may be unusual, or interesting.

Such as this one.  We are used to seeing slogan elements reversed, on square envelopes where the stamp is detected in the top left corner because the envelope has been rotated 90º.  This appears to be a case of the machine detecting the Machin definitive at the centre-left on a DL envelope, and treating it in the same way.  This is Tyneside Mail Centre on 01/06/2021.

Tyneside default slogan reversed on DL envelope.

The CDS at Blackwell, Darlington, is dated 29 May, which was the Saturday of the holiday weekend. Maybe it was posted after the last collection for the week.

Blackwell, Darlington CDS 29 MY 21

Remember, all postmarks in June will be added to this post, so check here before you spend time scanning and emailing.  I'll try to add new ones as quickly as possible.

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  1. I wonder if the ‘#LetsTalkLonelinesss’ a campaign cancel that will be used alongside the ‘Action for Children’ cancel. A version of it was used last December.


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