Wednesday 30 June 2021

Events news - Midpex on, York off

Three days to go to Midpex and the first chance for many people to get together for a couple of years - especially if you missed the show at Stafford Showground which was probably the first successful major event in the UK this year.

But bad news for those dealers and collectors planning to go to York Racecourse on July 16-17, as this event has now been cancelled - see organiser's site

Details of dealers attending Midpex, and specialist societies' booths and meetings can be found on the dedicated Midpex pages here.   I shall be there in the usual Norvic red, with a badge, although I shall not be selling.  If you are a customer or fellow society member, or a reader, and you look up from your stamp browsing and notice me wandering do please say hello.

I'll be away from tomorrow (Thursday) and back in the office next Wednesday. 


  1. In a previous comment I said enjoy York how silly of me you are not going, however enjoy Midpex

  2. I'm not aware the York Stamp fair has been cancelled, your link takes us to the January 2021 Fair which was cancelled....

    Mr P

    1. I was told by an (now non-) attending dealer yesterday. I've now added a link to the organiser's site.

      As comments are moderated for this blog (ie filtered) there is no need to post four times. Once is enough and it will be allowed through asap, or filtered out if spam or on the wrong post.


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