Sunday 27 June 2021

At last - Machin sheet printings 2021.

Thank you to the very many people who have pointed out far too many errors made in yesterday evening's blog post.  Had I not been continuing working in the garden this morning I would have caught the first email/comment and saved most of you the trouble!  (But the garden is looking good!)

I really did make a lot of unforgivable mistakes which are corrected below, in blue.  My thanks to Machinmaniac (twice!), John H, Trelantis, Rob L.

We understand that the 1p, 5p, 10p and 20p counter sheets were printed in March 2021 with year code M21L. These will shortly be available from the usual dealers and may well appear in Post Office branches before long.

The 1p was printed on 15/03/21 and the 5p, 10p and 20p were printed on 16/03/21.  These will be added to the Norvic Checklist and a new version will be published this week.

The 2nd Large and 1st Large counter sheets were printed on 19/02/21.

UPDATE 29 JUNE: After yesterday's uncertainties and corrections, I have confirmation this afternoon of the 2nd class business sheet without datamatrix code.  This is perhaps the most surprising addition to the range and my thanks to MB for sending this image of a used example which was on a letter from the NHS posted 28/06/2021 at South East Anglia mail centre.

2nd class business sheet with no datamatrix code M21L MBIL.

M21L stamps issued so far:

Business Sheet
2nd class with datamatrix code (MBIL)
2nd class without datamatrix code (MBIL)
1st class without DMX code (MBIL)
2nd Large (MBIL) - I have checked my emails for the report of this and can't find it; I can only think I misread something.
1st Large (MBIL)

2nd class from book of 12 (MTIL)
1st class from mixed booklet (MCIL)
1st class from book of 12 (MTIL)

Counter sheets (MAIL)
£1.70 (23 December 2020)
2nd Large
1st Large

Prestige Stamp Books (MPIL)
2p              Music Giants V
10p            Music Giants V
50p            Music Giants V
1st class    Music Giants V

1st class MAIL gummed - Queen's 9th Birthday Souvenir cover. Royal Mail intend that this should only be available used, but copies have been sold mint on eBay - best price so far £64.

1st class business sheet MBIL M21L

1st Large business sheet MBIL M21L
1st class from booklet of 12 - MTIL M21L


More images to follow shortly.


  1. Sheets of 1p, 5p & 10p M21L have now appeared for sale online from the same seller - example #265214000618

  2. And U3010 2nd MBIL is now also available #234072385137

  3. MBPC reports that the 4x2nd Large booklet with M21L (MFIL of course) has now appeared.


  4. 95th birthday prestige pane mint for sale online #234070852960 will probably go for more than i can afford

    1. You are probably right - I've seen a report that a mint SINGLE was auctioned for £62 a few days ago!


    2. It went for £365.99.

      Doesn't this just show Royal Mail failing to understand their customer base by creatng a colectable which will appeal to a segment of their market (Machin collectors) and then refusing to sell that collectable in the form (mint sheet) that those collectors would have wanted.

      Some may feel that the price paid was high. After all, where one copy has already escaped, others may well dig their escape tunnels over the next few years. But my own feeling is that the buyer was let down by Royal Mail's refusal to sell this in the form that many would wish to collect it

  5. The 2nd counter sheet M21L MAIL (U2995) is now being offered - item number 234074393046


  6. 2nd Blue 21L ex counter sheet now on sale online #234074393046

  7. 4x1st Large booklet M21L is now on sale on a certain web auction site: item #265219579637


  8. 1st Large MFIL U3039 now available online for sale #265219579637


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