Wednesday 2 June 2021

Time for another break

I'm sorry I omitted to record here that we were away from 17-24 May.  I don't think anything really important cropped up that wasn't recorded in the notes/comments by our regular contributors.

We're away for another week from 7 to 14 June.  Emails will be read, and some replies sent; blog comments will be processed, but not always on the same day.  I don't know how the wifi is where we are going and mobile signals may also be limited.

I hope to have news of June slogan postmarks and a summary of new discoveries.  I'll also produce a new version of the checklist now that we have the new 2021 Gibbons Great Britain Concise catalogue.  One thing I do know, I still won't be able to show the Dennis & Gnasher stamps!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Ian,
    1st Large and 2nd Large M21L counter stamps have recently appeared on eBay - item number 234036784102 (though the offer may be sold out by the time you read this).