Wednesday 30 June 2021

Norvic Checklist of Security Machin Definitives - v 2.5.3 - 30 June 2021

A new version of our Checklist is now available for download.  It incorporates all the new stamps for 2021 as of yesterday, but there are more making an appearance all the time, although more
gradually this year.

You can download the new version here.

One major change this year is how we show Stanley Gibbons numbers.  One of the original reasons for the list was that Gibbons changed some numbers at least twice in the 2009-10 period and some stability was needed.  Gibbons still have a system which requires periodic number changes, though. 

In the 2018 edition of their Great Britain Concise catalogue, Gibbons renumbered most of the U-series stamps.   In the 2019 edition further changes were made by SG including at least one booklet. Until now we have included columns for earlier Gibbons numbers but this is becoming increasingly difficult to accommodate.  Therefore only one column is now provided for SG numbers which is intended to show the latest number.

Similarly in the reverse-look-up table, this Checklist no longer shows all the individual stamps with different year codes, as the Gibbons numbers remain the same for each year, unless there is another difference. Thus U2920 is for all the 1p counter sheet stamps irrespective of year.

As always there may be errors, and we know data is missing especially for printing dates or booklet pack dates.  

Please let us know of anything we've got wrong, and continue to tell us what is new.


  1. Does anyone have a gripe about the size of the miniature sheets. They dont fit on the miniature sheet postcard for fdcs. Even the Doe sheet was too wide and i hade to trim off the edges. Have raised yet another complaint. They dont listen though. Postcard collectors are seen as a cash cow. Every set of postcards needs 2 miniature sheets as they have a postcard for each individual stamp and one for the miniature sheet.
    I await my brush off reply for my complant, and am ready to raise my next complaint until they listen. The james bond minature sheet was a disaster

    1. Please leave comments on the correct post.
      But you’re right, I made the same comment, as a dealer in forum, nearly 20 years ago. The cards are advertised as enlargements of the stamps and MS, but they are smaller than the latter.

  2. Information from the rear page of the July Philatelic Bulletin shows a Prestige Booklet being issued as part of the 'Industrial Revolutions' stamps on 12 August 2021. Definitive pane is made up of 2x 5p, 3x 10p, 2x 20p & 1x £1.70.


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