Thursday 22 April 2021

Post and Go error news

There really isn't much new to report, with even the news of removals and openings/insatllations slowing down probably as Post Office Ltd looks towards the next generation of SSKs and Horizon.

DP reminds me of the 'lurch to the left' that was reported by several people over two years ago and reported here.  It was reported as far back as 2015, from Bury St Edmunds, Saltash, Tunbridge Wells and Portsmouth.  It was said to "affect all values in the strip bit you only get one shift per strip of six. If you buy 36 stamps in one transaction, you will end up with a shift for each value" though the accuracy of this was disputed in another comment.

Anyway, DP has sent these examples from Hounslow on the Game of Thrones stamps:

Game of Thrones 1st class Post & Go stamps with different 'left-shift' errors on two strips 19/4/21.

Additionally in the left-hand strip the Euro 100g/World 20g designation has a further error - "World 20g omitted"


Now that Museums are re-opening it might be opportune to check out their machines for software updates or lack of them.  Mike C sent this example from Swindon's SteamGWR showing the previous service indicators issued on 12/04/2021 - and charged at £10.11.  Current worth is actually £10.64 I believe!

Post & Go set sold 12/4/21 using late 2020 service indicators (and value) sold at SteamGWR, Swindon.


UPDATE 30 APRIL   Stuart Leigh reports a different problem at the Shakespeare Gift Shop - a collector strip with the Worldwide (Large 100g) missing part of the caption on the MA13 Machin.   Whoever said that computers were faultless (answer, Post Office Ltd)

Machin head Post and Go strip (MA13) from Shakespeare Gift Shop with 'up to 100g' missing from final (Worldwide) stamp - 12 April 2021.


  1. The Machin strip at GWR plus the Machin and Flowers strips at Shakespeare were also charging the wrong price for collectors strips £13.54 as shown rather than the correct £13.84
    This also affected the sets of 36, this has now been corrected as has the Locomotive error at GWR
    What goodies will we see from the other museums when they reopen !!!!!!

  2. This may be a bit belated, but I ask anyway.

    Not having bought any OV stamps for my collection since the 1st January 2021, have the countries in the EU been changed from code ‘4’ to ‘5’ or have I had a bad day and bought the wrong OV stamps from the machines or is the SSK wrong, though the Europe Large letter OV stamp has the right price but with ‘5’ as the code. Presumably if things have changed this would also apply to Horizon labels


  3. Purchased some today using UK France and USA as the destinations
    170 H5 France Letter
    255 H5 USA Letter
    325 H5 France Large Letter
    420 H5 USA Large Letter

    85 B4 UK 1st Letter
    129 C4 UK 1st Large Letter

  4. Thanks Malcolm

    Coincidently I also used GB/France/USA, for my OV.

    It will be interesting to see if people go for a mixed ‘4’ (using UK for 1st class/1st Large) &’5’ set or the complete ‘5’ set (using Jersey/Guernsey for 1st class/1st Large)


    1. Thanks DP, I myself do not collect these but get them for others had not realised Channel Islands would be differently coded but thinking about it they would.
      For interest does the same apply to Isle of Man.
      The only reason I use France and USA is they are all on the top line along with UK on the screen, previously had to remember to do Australia for the old zone 2 rate.

  5. I’ve been fortunate to have had a couple of these errors similar to the Game of Thrones on the right, with successive purchases with the error descending to the next one. It does pose a dilemma, if you want the strip with all values showing, do you get a single value, another strip or treat the misprint as a correct value?

    I think the answer for the Game of Thrones labels shown above is self-evident. The two strips give you a full set and two errors, one scarce (on the right) and one not seen before (the opinion of this armchair specialist, I anticipate being corrected) (on the left).

  6. I purchased 4 of these strips this morning each one as a separate transaction and got the following

    a) shift to left on the Worldwide 100g (as shown on the right hand strip above)
    b) shift to left on the Worldwide Large 100g (as shown on the right hand strip above)
    c) Normal strip
    d) On the Worldwide 100g text cut off the lower half of "up to 100g" also no data string on bottom

    I did not try buying strips on a multiple transaction, so would suggest there is a lot of hit and miss as to what stamps you get.
    Hope this helps, if requested I can send a scan for the blog.


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