Thursday 8 April 2021

More new Machin definitive stamps reported

April is a good time to start reporting on new Machin definitives and it often happens that when one comes, the others follow thick and fast.  So it is this year, with a twist.

Hot on the heels of the 1st class retail booklet of 12 reported last week, the similar 2nd class booklet was reported this week.

M21L stamps issued so far:

Business Sheet
2nd class with datamatrix code (MBIL)
1st class without DMX code (MBIL)

2nd class from book of 12 (MTIL)
1st class from mixed booklet (MCIL)
1st class from book of 12 (MTIL)

Counter sheets (MAIL)
£1.70 (23 December 2020)

Oddball stamps
Not one thing nor another.  Royal Mail have produced a commemorative cover with a block of stamps which looks like a PSB pane, but is neither that nor a miniature sheet. In theory this will only be available used because it is not being made available to collectors, only to dealers for use on covers.  Printed on ordinary gummed paper this is 

1st class M21L MAIL

1st class Machin gummed definitive coded M21L MAIL.

More information will be added as reported.  The Norvic Machin Checklist will be updated within the next two weeks.    

UPDATED REPORT - we have published a re-written report on this product so no further comments will be posted on this product here.


  1. The 1st class M21L MBIL can be found here ref:- 333944123084 on E bay but only in pairs and bids required.

  2. U3038 1st Large MBIL M21L now showing on eBay #384166000976

  3. U3000 and U3003 2nd and 1st Large M21L ex Counter Sheets now showing on eBay #234036784102


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