Wednesday 21 April 2021

Royal Mail London Special Handstamp Centre 2021

I have mentioned previously the present situation at the London Philatelic Handstamp Centre caused by absences partly due to Covid-19.  

Much of their work is being handled by the Northern SHC at Tallents House Edinburgh, and currently even some of the operational handstamps have been transferred to Edinburgh while London is short-staffed.

Hopefully this situation will improve before too long, but in the meantime we must all be patient while our covers and cards are processed.

Personnel: Many regular users of the Mount Pleasant SHC and visitors to Stampex and Europhilex who have had their items handstamped there, will have met the SHC manager, Mr Pritpal Mann.  

I'm sure many people will be sorry to hear that Mr Mann has joined this year's tranche of managers who have left Royal Mail employment.

As far as I can recall Pritpal was at the SHC from at least 2000 (though I may be wrong) and so has served collectors and dealers alike for around 20 years.  From my point of view, he was invariably courteous and conscientious in all our dealings, whether by telephone or email, and always strove to achieve what the customer wanted.  

When mistakes were made with postcards he tried to source cards locally if they were London (especially Museum) related and was always able to replace covers and stamps. If customer instructions were unclear he would phone rather than guess.  It had to be right.

I'm sure everybody will join me in wishing him well in what I assume is his retirement.  I understand that he will return to the office when conditions allow him to say a proper farewell to his colleagues, so if you wish to send a personal message you can address it to him c/o the London Handstamp Centre usual address.

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  1. As a Belgian collector and regular visitor to London before Covid, I often met Mr. Mann in Mount Pleasant when bringing or taking back covers to be postmarked. An appointment had to be made by phone or e-mail and he was indeed as you say invariably courteous and conscientious ; I will remember him walking with me through the great halls of Mount Pleasant on the way to the SHC. As I probably cannot reach him otherwise than through this blog, I would like to say he will be missed and to wish him all the best and hope he will make the most of his well deserved retirement.


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