Monday 15 June 2020

There might have been an earlier Coronation Street commemoration

Aside from the question of whether Coronation Street and other television programmes should have anniversaries in their own right marked by such a large stamp issue, some have asked, "Why 60", so yes, why not 50?

Looking through some old papers I was reminded that Coronation street almost had a stamp during it's 45th anniversary year in 2005, when the 50th anniversary of Independent Television was marked.

Back in January 2005 Royal Mail invited ITV viewers to choose from one of three stamp designs, featuring stills from Emmerdale, Coronation Street and The Bill.  A week later, viewers were told that they had collectively voted for Emmerdale.

This notice, a supplement to Royal Mail's Philatelic Bulletin, is printed in black and white, but I imagine the stamps shown to viewer/voters were all in colour. 


Looking back, I think Emmerdale made the better stamp, with it's bright sunny colours.  But I wonder whether it was just the design that determined the voters' selections.

Here's the full article from the Bulletin supplement.

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