Sunday 21 June 2020

Blog Comments - apologies!

As regular readers will know, comments on this blog are moderated; that is, to ensure that as little spam and unwelcome messages are posted, I vet them all.  It's a simple proces - the system sends me an email for every comment, and I can mark it as 'Publish / Spam / Delete.  And I can do that from mobile devices as well as desktop.

At least that's how it is supposed to work.  I have just discovered 18 comments awaiting moderation, 17 of which have now been published.  Normally when I publish, I get another email copy of the comment which tells me that it is published.  This is useful because I can then go to the comment and reply, if a reply is called for.

I am getting NO emails for either instance.  So although I have published 17, soem of which deserve a reply, I shall have to use a different avenue to find out which ones I have just had comments on, so as to reply.  I'll do that tomorrow or Tuesday if I can.

2. As you will have seen if you have emailed, we are relocating.  My office is currently echoing the keyboard as there are far fewer boxes on the shelves, and very little on the desk.

From the end of this week for at least a week we will have no internet or telephone connection while we have new lines installed.  Calls to the 0845 number will still trigger an answering machine so please leave a message if urgent; if not email and I will answer as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience and for the good wishes already received.


  1. Thanks Ian & good luck on the move hope you will be successful in the new office

  2. That's good then - thought I had upset you!


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