Monday 8 June 2020

The Post Office Horizon Scandal

I hope everybody interested in the British postal network has taken or will take the opportunity to listen to the BBC Radio 4 programmes reporting on what has become known as the Horizon Scandal. (Listen to omnibus episodes 11 & 12.)

If not, you can catch it for nearly a year, here - and this is available around the world.

Tonight the BBC TV Panorama team returns to the story. Most readers outside the UK won't be able to see this due to restrictions on television broadcasting, but for those who can it will put some face to the names. I don't know what else might be revealed but at least it will put the story right back up there in the public eye.

A reminder also that the Justice for Subpostmasters Alliance is crowdfunding for an appeal to the Parliamentary Ombudsman.  They have achieved  £27,000 out of the £98,000 they need, and there are 23 days to go.  No money is taken unless the target is achieved - if you believe in justice and can spare just a few pounds, for instance through not having to commute to work during the pandemic, please donate.


  1. Just as postscript to this excellent series the BBC have put up a page with the story of some of the people interviewed in the programmes.

    Also contains links to the series and other related programmes.

  2. Things seem to be moving forward

    The last paragraph is interesting


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