Tuesday 16 June 2020

New 2020 Machin Definitives and other new printings

We have been told about the first new Machin counter sheet reprints (aside from the new tariff stamps) for 2020.  There are also some new Country Definitive printings.

Pictures will be provided when we have the stamps, but for now we can tell you that these dates have been reported for the new Machins

- 2nd class  05/05/20  (Norvic 2911.20)
- 1st class   04/05/20  (Norvic 2914a.20)
- 1st Large  07/05/20  (Norvic 2916a.20)

The third printing of the European 20g and worldwide postcard rate £1.42 stamp was made on 11/05/20, after the January original and March top-up printings.

Country Definitives
The Wales and Scotland 2nd class values were reprinted on 16/04/20.  We await supplies to find out if there is another grid layout or shade difference.

All these printings are by Walsall (Machin) or Cartor (Country) stamps.


  1. The 1st large now on e bay from seller hickham 363024992164

  2. There is a report today on the MBPC web site that the 2p has been seen with M20L, SBP2i (print date 06/05/2020).


  3. 2p now available at 313131996916 online auction

  4. 20p green now available at 313133080811 online auction


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