Thursday 4 June 2020

Change to booklet backing paper.

After starting a hare running with the upright and inverted versions of SBP2 a while back I don't want to start another collecting trend, but....

As readers of the Philatelic Bulletin will know, the Music Giants IV: Queen issue includes a prestige book and a retail booklet.  My retail booklets arrived today.

Some people say you should never touch mint stamps with your hands - well sometimes it's worth it as a hunch sometimes proves right.  I opened the booklet and immediately felt that the backing paper was 'different'.  It felt smoother, and thinner.

I don't have a micrometer so I can only say it feels thinner;  I compared it with the Coronation Street booklet using the naked eye and the UV lamp.  As you can see above, the newer booklet has whiter paper than the previous one. The stamp appears darker, the reflection of the iridescent printing is quite different between the two.

The cover is a slightly darker shade of red.

The biggest difference is under the UV lamp, where the backing paper on the Queen booklet shows a very bright reaction to the UV, compared with the Coronation Street.  The reaction of the phosphor appears to be duller, but whether this is because of the proximity to the backing paper I don't know.

I'll be interested in any other observations, and news of whether other booklets or business sheets have been printed on this type of paper, by ISP/Walsall.

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