Thursday 28 May 2020

Royal Mail Stamps & Collectbiles Stock List

Over the years the Royal Mail website has changed many times, often for the better though sometimes for the worse, depending on what you want to use it for.

The new shop layout is very useful for many purposes but not so good for others, such as finding our just what is available and for how long.

This information can be found in the Stock List which used to be published in time for Stampex, ie generally January/February and August/September.  This isn't easy to find on their website from many of the pages that you might land on if you are looking for special stamps.

But if you drop to the foot of most pages, to the large black navigation/links area, you will find a 'Stamps' heading.  If you click on this it takes you to the programme of special stamps for the year, and a further link to download the stock list.

Here you can see how much longer the Elton John stamps (for instance) are on sale (September 2022), and which have no definite end date (WSL = While Stocks Last).

The latest version was published in January, so includes only two of this year's issues, and of course some changes may have been made in the light of the current situation so it is always as well to contact them to confirm details.

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  1. Can I draw attention to two separate letters received about renewing subscription to the philatelic bulletin.
    Both were dated 23rd May saying my subscription expired on the 22nd May 2020 one said to renew before 6th December 0021 the other to renew before 24th June 2020.
    Both are wrong as after contacting customer services they advised me my subscription was valid up to and including the July issue.
    Another disappointing thing is stopping producing binders for the bulletin have got every edition of the bulletin in binders including 3 of them as GPO Philatelic bulletin.



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