Friday 1 May 2020

New Blue Postboxes to Celebrate the NHS

Thank you for all the repsonses about Captain Tom and other Covid19-related postmarks. I am already putting some UK readers in touch with overseas collectors.

Today Royal Mail unveiled five new deep blue postboxes to thank the Health Service workers. They are all close to large hospitals, in London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast and Manchester.

We have unveiled a number of specially decorated postboxes in support of the NHS as a thank you for their exceptional service across the UK during the coronavirus crisis.
The five postboxes are painted in ‘NHS blue’ and say: ‘Thank you NHS’. They are located close to a handful of hospitals across the UK, including: St Thomas' Hospital in London, Trafford General Hospital in Manchester, Royal Edinburgh Hospital, University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff and The Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast.
The postboxes were chosen to ensure the representation of all four UK countries and to commemorate the Trafford General Hospital, the birthplace of the NHS, founded by Aneurin ‘Nye’ Bevan in Manchester in July 1948.
Unfortunately they chose the wrong hospital in Edinburgh but the one placed at the Royal will remain while they paint another blue one at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary (ERI) at Little France.

I don't yet have pictures of all but these are online from various sources:

Blue 'NHS' Postbox at The Royal Hospital in Ednburgh

Blue 'NHS' Postbox near University Hospital Cardiff
Blue 'NHS' Postbox at The Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast
 Meanwhile, another newly-painted postbox is at the Post Office in Marston Moretaine, Bedfordshire:

Blue postbox honouring Captain Tom Moore's 100th birthday

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