Monday 4 May 2020

Don't look back - or rather, do for a new Vision of the Universe

I can only plead that my mind was elsewhere when I looked at the Visions of The Universe stamp issue.  The pictorial stamps were certainly eye-catching and there was much to look at with two definitive panes containing five Machins and four Country definitives.

I'm sure other people have looked at the PSB in detail and noticed what I missed at the time - that the stamp panes, like some others before them, have printing on the reverse - but not on the stamps.

So here, for the record, are images of the front and back of the two definitive panes.  I no longer have a PSB so I cannot show you the reverse of the other panes.

Reverse of Machin definitive pane: A meeting of the Royal Astronomical Society in 1935, with British astronomer James Jeans speaking.

Reverse of Country Definitive pane 'The Geometrial Construction of Solar and Lunar Eclipses'.

UPDATE: Thanks to John H for sending me images of the other panes:





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