Friday 15 May 2020

First new Business Sheet M20L stamp reported

Following hard on the heels of the two new counter sheets from Royal Mail Edinburgh, we can now report a new business sheet printing, thanks to the readers who alerted me to this while I have been away.

On eBay, seller annf1784 has the 2nd class (small) business sheet with a printing date of 22/01/20.  This is Stanley Gibbons U3010 and Norvic 2911B.20.

In normal circumstances and with normal distribution, I would expect new business sheets and booklets to be found in various locations around the country. 

But these are not normal circumstances.  Collectors and dealers who spend time visiting multiple post offices and supermarkets in the hunt for new stamps are staying at home, and maybe only visiting one PO and one supermarket.  So it may be a while before these are widely available - but I am sure they will be. 

As I have suggested earlier, it may well be that the first indication we have of a new stamp is when we find one on an incoming letter!

UPDATE: I have been told that some of these have been found in Wales.

UPDATE 3 June:  These have also been found in Norfolk and I had the first one through the post today, from Warrington Mail Centre, thanks to the

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