Tuesday 3 September 2019

September postmarks - slogans and others

It's a while since I had anything to report about operational postmarks - there was nothing of note in August - and so now that we've got Royal Mail's latest sticker series out of the way, I start this month with a Universal type received this morning.

It's not easy to read, although those who are real experts will probably be able to work it out from what does appear.  Fortunately I know that it was posted in the Greenford area and is probably* from the Jubilee Mail Centre, posted on 2 September (IX) 2019.

* However, the only clearly visible letter is a U at 1 o'clock, which is the wrong place!  Any other suggestions are welcome!

UPDATE 27 September: JE confirms that this is Jubilee Mail Centre, and the inscription is 

No sooner said than done - we now have a new ink-jet slogan which is appearing in both formats although I can only show this one from Peterborough Mail Centre 03-09-2019.  
Update:  A copy from Chester & N Wales on the same date arrived later. Note the 5-line layout instead of 4.

The law around
organ donation in
England is changing


Although not of Royal Mail's doing, I have to say I like the hashtag #PassItOn with its double meaning for passing on one's organs and passing on the message.

Update 16 September:
This seems to be the month for mystery slogans, by which I mean those for which the average reader will not immediately understand the correct interpretation.

The first marks the 150th anniversary of The People's Friend, which is described on Wikipedia as "a British weekly magazine founded in 1869 and currently published by D. C. Thomson & Co. Ltd.  The magazine is principally aimed at older women."  Having seen this magazine I would say that it appeals to those who like to read mostly short-story fiction with fewer adverts, rather than the glossy mags which have stories about and large pictures of current so-called celebrities.   

Anyway, thanks to JG, MB, & BM for copies of the slogan. The earliest appears to be a 2nd class on 6th September from Exeter.  These two examples, showing the different formats are from Edinburgh and North West Midlands mail centres both on 9 September.

150 years of
The People's Friend


The next is something of a paradox, partly because it is being actively promoted on social media. This is for 'Scroll Free September', promoted by the Royal Society for Public Health.

But note there is no hashtag on this one, which "offers a unique opportunity to take a break from ALL personal Social Media accounts for 30 days (or for however long you can cope without them)!"  Royal Mail is not present in the long list of supporters for this campaign which is surely some mistake.

We've only seen the one format so far, from Jubilee, Edinburgh and Peterborough Mail Centres on 11 September (both 2nd class).  (Thanks to CH, DW, and our motor repair garage!)

Scroll free
Royal Society
for Public Health


UPDATE: The other version has now appeared from Manchester Mail Centre dated 14/09/2019


UPDATE 24 September
Thanks to BM for the latest slogan, in association with the Greetings Card industry, promoting "Thinking Of You Week" - it must be a blank period in the Easter/Valentine/Father's Day/Mother'sDay/Christmas schedule.  This poor example from Jubilee Mail Centre is dated 23-09-2019.

It's another one for collectors of 'Errors on Postmarks', possibly a cut and paste job from last year although we never saw one in 2018, and the 2017 one was "25 Sept - 1 Oct".

Send a card for
22th - 28th
September 2019

A better scan from Norwich has arrived, via RW, but we still don't have one on the other format.  This one has the corrected 22nd and is dated 24-09-2019.

UPDATE 27 September: Thanks to JE for examples of both the error and the corrected version from Lancashire & South Lakes on 23rd and 25th September:

Any other reports of Universal usage or, maybe, some new slogan postmarks, will be posted here during September.

UPDATE 1 October.
Bringing September to a close, and running into October is the National Poetry Day slogan sent by JE.  From Manchester Mail Centre on 28/09/2019 this is believed to be running until 2 October so I'll repeat it in a new post for October.

National Poetry
Day 2019
3rd October

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  1. I'd have preferred Send a Letter, instead. I did write a letter on the twenty-tooth of September!

    Do some countries still produce International Letter Writing Week stamps?

    Will there be a postmark slogan next month to wish the postcard a happy birthday?


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