Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Post and Go update

As readers will know there have been no new Post and Go stamps issued by Royal Mail, and none is in the programme for the current year.  Some agree with this, some would welcome more of these and fewer expensive stamp issues.

The British Postmark Society Journal report for April includes the following which may be of interest to those collectors still looking for Post and Go.  It is worth noting that if the reels are being used for the 'post an item' option, ie with a value on, use of old stock may produce something totally new, so it is worth looking in kiloware as well.  I was reminded of this by the receipt this morning of an eBay purchase with a MA16 1st class Machin with value, date, and weight shown - see picture.

No new designs appeared in the first quarter of 2019, but the Winter Greenery designs reintroduced on 1 November 2018 continued in use into the new year. Various older issues reappear as stock is used up – for example, on 10 April 2019 kiosk 68 at Chorley was issuing Symbolic Flowers (2014) for 1st class/international and Hibernating Animals (2016) for 2nd class.  Meanwhile, Winter Fur and Feathers (2015) was found at Camden High Street and undated Poppies were still being issued at South Norwood.
In a number of cases, rolls of Post & Go stamps are inserted in the wrong reel of a kiosk, either in error or because of a shortage of the correct stamps.  Two recent examples found were 1st class letter on 2nd class (blue) Machin stamps from Camden High Street and 1st class letter on 2nd (blue) Game of Thrones stamps from Slough.
I'm grateful to DP for sending some examples of various Post & Go stamps with old and new European postage rates:

Robin MA13 from Harrogate

Poppy R17YAL from St Albans

Poppy MA16

Machin M17YAL from Farnham

"It does raise the question do we collect the service type or the value of the label which echoes what someone wrote about the Post and Go Christmas tour a few years ago about receipts."

Receipts are especially useful for location confirmation as it is more and more difficult to keep track of where old machines have gone and more particularly where new machines are installed, sometimes without publicity if they are the smaller machines with a counter mini-terminal as well.

"I wanted to get examples from both Huddersfield offices, which was pointless as the Northumberland Street office’s three machines were switched off and the New Street office’s two were on but out of service. At New Street I was told that they didn’t have any stock for the machines. Otherwise they would have turned it on for me to get the collectors strip. Colchester and Ipswich both turned the machines on for me to get collectors strips. However Chesterfield wouldn’t. 

"From correspondence with the Post Office I’ve had questioning if the relocated Ealing branch would have SSKs, I was told that they don’t publicise that information and won’t be adding new location or amending existing branches."

I looked at the Post Office website Branch Finder page, and Post and Go is still listed in the filter selection and in Branch Details. If it is kept updated then that is good for collectors.

UPDATE 24 May:  JE of the British Postmark Society has made this very valid point about the Post Office Branch Finder, showing that their database is not accurate.  That may be what was meant in the last line in italics, just above.
The Branch Finder does not necessarily yield correct and up-to-date information.
Some locations shown as having Self-service Kiosks no longer have them - e.g. Dundee, which had SSKs in the old Head Post Office (Meadowside) lost them in February 2018 when the franchised replacement PO opened at 30 Whitehall St, but the new location appears as a Post & Go office on the Branch Finder.
Even more extreme - Southport's main PO in WHSmith, Chapel St, lost its SSKs in 2014, when the Wincor-Nixdorf machines were withdrawn!
Conversely, POs which have acquired SSKs more recently, such as Slough August 2016), Burnham (Slough)(Autumn 2017), South Norwood (august 2017) and Barkingside (2017), do not appear when the Post & Go filter is applied...
Anybody trying to maintain a complete and current list has an uphill task! 

UPDATE 9 July: According to the August edition of Stamp Magazine it is possible that some formats of Post and Go stamps are not being reprinted.  

"The Postal Museum and other sites with Royal Mail kiosks have been unable to replenish their stocks, including stamps which were digitally printed.

"Machin-head stamps with the year coded '18' are available from a few machines, but nothing more has been updated. Existing stocks are being used up, with a few oldies appearing among them."

As Don Staddon writes, "The situation will need to be resolved soon".

The implication is that Royal Mail are reprinting the stamps required for Post Office SSKs, but not for their own machines.  Strange.

UPDATE 8 November.
Thank you to all readers who continue to update the changes in branch details, openings, closures, moves and FADs.  There hasn't been much general news about the Post and Go stamps available from Royal Mail but a new report here is a comprehensive list of what the Museum machines carried during autumn 2019.  

It also depicts the Winter Greenery stamps used at Post Office branches including the 2019 reprint, and the Machin 1st class 2019 reprint has now been reported, shown below digitally enhanced.

Any NEW stamps and reprints of old will be shown in new posts.  This post will continue, for the time being to record changes similar to those already included in the comments.   A new 2020 post will probably start early in the new year.

UPDATE - It would be useful and much appreciated if, for relocated or other new offices, readers could provide Office name, postal address inc postcode, and FAD.
This information will be of use to collectors monitoring Horizon labels as well as Post and Go. Any changes NOT involving P&G SSKs are also welcome, but probably best sent by email rather than as comments here. 


  1. There are no undated poppy labels they are either MA14 (from Symbolic Flowers & solo rolls) MA15, MA16, R17YAL and R18YAL.

    The 1st class R18YAL Machin has surfaced in a number of post offices in Yorkshire, given the number of new ssk installations around the country due to the current spate of franchising, they may be more widely available.

    As for the ‘errors’ many will have their suspicions about these being done as a ‘favour’ from a conversation overheard in a Post Office yesterday, adds weight to that train of thought.

    There does need to be a degree of vigilance for collectors when buying these stamps at the moment. A Crown Office who has its last day today (15/05/19) had Robins MA13, Machin MA16 and undated Machins.

    So if you collect the OV stamps you have the opportunity to get the A/Lge Letter versions on Robin MA13 and undated Machin. The A/Lge Letter are rarely seen on internet auction sites, whether that’s down to cost, lack of awareness because they vend on items up to 9gr (some machines will vend up to 19g before they print as faux Horizon label) or they don’t mirror the collectors set; who knows.

  2. Every time I get a large letter stamp from the machines it comes out on the large size label, due to weight I’m guessing, as they say every day’s a school day.

    It took a while to comprehend the receipt comment (it also took q while to find the post https://blog.norphil.co.uk/2013/11/nomadic-pop-up-post-office-shop-now-you.html?showComment=1384713767603#c4140604619119419967) , which I think referred to the change of location of the mobile units in Newcastle upon Tyne over two days.

    The robin and poppy stamps do show the point which I’m guessing the comment below is supposed to illustrate. They inscribed at the worldwide zone 1 rate (left) and worldwide zone 2 rate (right). Do you really need both or just an example of the zone 1 stamp?

    Do you just content yourself with the European version as illustrated with the Farnham (Machin)?
    Do you get the OV stamps for the single image issue (Machin, Flag, Poppy, Robin Game of Thrones)?
    Europe rates (code ‘4’)
    2nd class, 2nd Large (£1.37 rates correct at 19/05/19)
    1st Class, 1st Large, Europe up to 20g, Europe up to 100g, Europe Large Letter (£7.51 rates correct at 19/05/19)
    Channel Islands and Worldwide (code ‘5’)
    2nd class, 2nd Large (£1.37 rates correct at 19/05/19)
    1st Class, 1st Large, Worldwide up to 10g, Worldwide up to 20g, Worldwide up to 100g, Worldwide large letter zone 1, Worldwide large letter zone 2 (£14.01 rates correct at 19/05/19)

    Do you get the OV stamps for the 6 stamp pictorial issues?
    Europe rates (code ‘4’) £45.06 rates correct at 19/05/19
    Worldwide (code ‘5’) £84.06 rates correct at 19/05/19

    Do you go for a set of stamps which mirror the comparable Machin definitive stamps?
    £0.70, £1.06, £1.35, £1.60, £2.30, £2.80, £3.45, £3.60 (£16.86 rates correct at 19/05/19)

    As ever, what one collects is down to the parameters we set for our collections, some will want all types, others will settle for specimen examples whilst others will have a collection which is representative of what is available.

    The above is for mint examples, you also have the Signed for, Special Delivery, Parcelforce and International services which are only readily available used. It also doesn’t take into account the large labels versions which are above the basic weight stamps.

    It’s nice to know there are some helpful WHSmith run post offices, most of the ones I’ve been to, you would not dare to ask if a machine could be turned on for you!

    The image of the Poppy MA16 stamps are from pre-WHSmith Fareham Crown Office.

    1. Thank you, you have summed up the situation very well.

      I made a point of selling single 1st class stamps in a single design, or strips of 6 x 1st for multiple designs. Many people just wanted the stamp, by design, rather than by value as they are listed in Gibbons' Concise catalogue, rather than spending money on multiple values.

      That said..... one of each of the available FIXED values, covering the various changes, makes a good selection. So the brown Machin has
      1st Large
      Europe 20g
      Europe 20g/World 10g
      Europe 60g
      Europe 100g
      Worldwide 10g
      Worldwide 20g
      Worldwide 40g
      Worldwide 60g
      Worldwide 100g

      And having one of each of these for each design is quite a task.

      The different machine types and years makes life over-complicated. The museum and show overprints are best left as just a single 1st class if one must have them!

    2. Even if you just go for the fixed NVIs, you still have the various colour changes to the 1st class Brown Machins. The original colour, the colour WSP decided to use, and the grey versions (R17YAL and R18YAL) which match the large labels and Horizon labels.

      The museum/events/exhibitions/conferences/Royal Mail/MOD locations are probably best ignored as are the UK stamps vended, as are those UK labels issues in Gibraltar, Guernsey and Jersey and other countries ISO codes in the data string.
      It could be argued that the above were the straw that broke the camels back when it comes to collecting P&G labels.

  3. AS someone who is trying to collect examples from all NCR equipped offices, it is certainly a challenge. Though with the combined use of advance rail tickets, rovers and rangers tickets and assorted bus journeys it’s not extremely difficult and you do get to see different parts of England, Wales and Scotland. I’ve given up on the ides of getting examples from Norther Ireland. At one time there were a more seller on that internet auction sight that’s based (for Europe) just over the river from me.

    Currently, I estimate that there are 308 offices with NCR machines. This includes those Post Offices which have closed due to franchising, leases on premises ending and branch closures for other reasons.

    I have just over 60 offices (including forthcoming franchises) to get, not to difficult, but with mental health issues and being the primary carer for an elderly mother with dementia, it’s slightly more complex.

    I know some would consider this lunacy and there are times I would concur, but is it any different in concept as someone who collect the various letter combinations on the Victorian stamps with letters in the corner of the stamps to rebuild a complete sheet? Plus I get to see parts of the country I would not have otherwise seen!

    1. One of our other readers has offered to help out with Belfast, the only NI P&G office.
      If you would like to email me I will send you his details and you can take it from there. (See details at top right unless on smartphone)

    2. I have a pair from Knutsford if it's required

  4. No, not lunacy at all. A very valid collecting interest and you may possibly become one of very few, if not the only, collector with a reference collection if you can complete the task. Good luck!

  5. If I may add to this subject and for the benefit of Anon above I to along with 3 other collectors I know also collect examples from all NCR offices and kiosks.
    I may not know all the offices but the figures I have are up to today
    301 offices open or closed with a further 16 opened / franchised so far this year giving a total of 317.
    As per consultations out to date there are a further 17 offices going to new premises (mostly WH Smith) and 1 new location so far announced dates are
    30th May Andover
    3rd June Ealing (possible) not mentioned on consultation as having NCR but there have been errors on these in the past and for reference wont open until 13:00 I will be going and will report back.
    6th June Wokingham and Wigan
    13th June Farnham, Grantham and Solihull
    20th June Trowbridge
    27th June Dartford and Chester
    4th July Bath
    5th July Huddersfield (still provisional)
    Those coming up during Summer and Autumn are Oldham, St Helens and Darlington.
    Worthing and Sutton are delayed was due to move last March and the new location is Pontefract when it moves to WH Smith.

    As per JE's comments above the most bizarre location I can think of that is still on the branch finder is 136 Southwark Bridge Road this is a small supermarket that never had SSK's but used to service the now closed Tudor Street Wincor's before control moved to Farringdon.
    Also what is not now published is details of the new franchisee (ZCO Ltd as an example) but the branch finder is still been updated with new offices (although not all) e.g. Strand is on there that took over from Trafalgar Square.

    If Anon would like to contact me for any help I can be acquiring him anything needed I am more than happy to help obviously I wont add my email address here but if Ian agrees I can pass my details to him for forwarding.

    1. Boston, Brent Park, Upper Holloway, St. Johns Wood, Newport all show as having SSK but its questionable if they do.
      Interestingly Haywards Heath’s SSK68 aside from it still having the old menu screens on the card receipts give the branch details for the Franchised Newport branch.
      A number of branches SSKs are also showing the details for YESpay International LTD instead of the branches details. The old Yeovil Crown Office’s ssk 67 was on doing this on its last week, so it could have been related to the removal of equipment for the new branch.

    2. Newport definitely does not now the PO has moved.

  6. Wokingham like Sutton has been delayed

    Other SSK offices
    Oakworth (co-op 1ssk)
    Saltash (Mcolls 1ssk)
    Summertown (co-op 1ssk)
    Camden, London (UOE 3ssk)
    Central Village, Liverpool
    Regent Street St. James's,London (Rymans 3ssk)
    West End, Glasgow (3ssk)

  7. Thank you for those additional branches and for Wokingham postponement that saves me a wasted trip !!!!!
    Update Camden has 4 ssk not 3 and as per the comment above some also used the old menu screens as did 1 kiosk at Reading.
    St Johns Wood I can confirm has no SSK, Brent Park I have not visited for a while to check current position, Boston was I am told considered for them some time ago but there is insufficient floor space I cannot confirm the others.
    I knew of Summertown according to staff has been operational since June 2018 and Camden 29th March 2019 do you know of the other start dates when kiosks were installed.


    1. Oakworth
      December 2018/January 2019 (session 3897 13/03/19)

      August +/- a month (Session 7108 9/5/19)
      Mcolls Retail Group publication (Half Yearly Report July 2018) ‘We are also trialling self-service units in a small number of our Post Offices’

      Central Village, Liverpool
      February/March 2019 (session 800 5/03/19)

      Regent Street St. James's, London (Rymans 3ssk)
      March I believe, to compensate for the closure of Trafalgar Square

      West End, Glasgow

      3ssk should have been ??? ssk, my predictive text decided I meant 3ssk

    2. Update from today
      Regent Street St James has 4 kiosks and kiosks went live 7th January 2019 (thank you to Nina very helpful member of staff)for reference code is 054011, stock probably came from Trafalgar Square as 2nd class is mixture of MA12 and MA13
      Blackfriars Road has finally had the 2 SSK removed although they were never used since the branch was franchised on 19th March 2018 and the promised refurb is yet to happen.
      Ealing has moved to its new location and has 3 SSK the branch code remains the same 139006 and the session number has not been reset.
      Comments on Google suggest Glasgow kiosk installed late 2018 with Liverpool early 2019.


    3. Apologies hit publish to early Sutton is now live as from the 23rd May


  8. 027026 Barkingside has two machines
    ssk 67 (Card only) - session 001999 on 3/06/19
    ssk 68 (card and cash) - didn’t check

    496420 Central Village (Liverpool) has one machine
    ssk67 (cash and card) - session 002850 on 4/06/19

    1. I can fill in more details on Barkingside
      k67 session 1760, k68 session 3811 both dated 21st May.
      Question here is did the present k67 replace an older cash kiosk or was it an addition at a later date.


  9. Wokingham’s new date for the closure of the Crown office is19 June 2019, Franchise opens 20 June 2019

    Pontefract Crown will close 31 July 2019, Franchise with 2 SSK opens 1 August 2019

  10. Can someone help me with an office code an example has been found in kilo ware.
    The code is 390460, the last 3 digits gives the area the branch is in therefore the 4 indicates the NW of England.
    It is a Machin50 stamp from k68 with a session number of 000373.
    First thought this may have been the new WH Smith branch at Wigan which should end with 406 and someone has entered this incorrectly but this is highly unlikely to have reached 373 in 7 days usage including the time to put it up on eBay.
    Does anyone have the new code for Wigan for reference as yet to visit there and also what is in the kiosks.
    Codes from yesterdays changes are
    Grantham 237210, Solihull 584246 and Farnham 148900 all are Machin except the 1st class at Grantham is greenery (using old stock from Crown branch)


    1. I saw a large label from SSK67 with 81 as the label number dated 7/06/19 with the same FAD, and thought the same, that it came from the new Wigan office.

  11. Whilst it could be an error in imputing the FAD code, two machines with the same code may suggest another possibility, ###458 & ###459 are non-geographical areas, so it would not be too difficult to imagine that ###460 is of the same ilk.

  12. Tried to do a bit of research into code on consultation hub, Hurst Green noted as 385458.
    Found branch at https://www.postofficeviews.co.uk/national-consultation-team/hurst-green-tn19-7pl-385458/

    As this as you say is a non geographic area this has got to be an error as well on the website as it does not follow the geographic number series.
    Am I right in assuming as k67 is the master kiosk and all others are slave units that anything such as the FAD code programmed into k67 would be replicated into the other kiosks.


  13. An update to the FAD codes of the last few weeks gives these
    Wigan 390460 this is now confirmed by visit both kiosks Machin50
    Wokingham 269939 both kiosks Poppy
    Trowbridge 348504 Machin although only k67 card only kiosk is working, k68 and k69 OOS due to comms problem
    Oakworth above is confirmed as 309306 and is Machin.


    1. Malcolm, can you check Wigan - they should end 406 not 460?

    2. Ian

      The Wigan code is correct, a possible explanation is given in my posting on the 20th July.


  14. Another location is Scotland

    371832 Clydebank
    Unit 27 Clydebank Shopping Centre, Sylvania Way, Clydebank, Dunbartonshire, G81 2RR

    1. Thank you DP was not aware of this location would I be right in assuming 1 kiosk only and do you know what stamps are in the kiosk.
      Looking on Google it is a Premier store.
      Filling in the codes for recent transfers I have
      Dartford 175014 (Machin50) I do not know the details of Chester as yet to visit does anyone know this.
      Firm dates recently announced are St Helens 25th July and Worthing 22nd August.
      Huddersfield should be tomorrow as the usual date is a Thursday although the local paper has it down as Wednesday the 4th ????? can anyone confirm.
      Also new to the list are Exeter and Walsall both due October time.


  15. Sorry, only saw the receipt on an internet sales site that was posted as proof of postage, so I’m unaware of what was loaded in the machine. Given that lack of info provided by Post Office, this may be the only way a truer list of locations is established and how far these machines have spread. I’ve seen many more NCR receipts from Post Office SSKs that I’ve not been able to establish their location due to either no postcode or very incomplete postcode being visible.

    As you saw in the list I posted above, a location was known, and as no reference was made about the others, I’m guessing that they weren’t known (I’ve had trouble phrasing that sentence so that it’s general and not aimed directly at any individual, if I’ve still phrased it wrongly and caused offence, I apologises), so an exchange of information is beneficial to those who are still interested in these machines and what they produce.

    And on that subject Worthing now has a date set, with the Crown closing 21/08/19 with the Franchise opening on 22/8/19 (assuming they have the staff, two offices in Surrey are using WHSmith staff who have rudimentary training on how to use the machines to oversee them. Ashford has a button on ssk68 to summon staff for assistance)

    I remember back to when the NCR machines were being installed into Crown offices there were one or to comments with false information, I certainly don’t want to do that.

    Its Ian’s blog and our comments are approved at his discretion. It may be that a monthly round up post with comments, as with the slogan machine cancels is the way forward, or we have to send proof to Ian before he will approve a comment with a new location.


    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thanks DP.

      One problem is that this is a level that is not of primary interest to me, but I know that it interests others. There are a number of out-of-date lists on the web - the Modern British Philatelic Circle has one in their Members' area but it is (acknowledged to be) over a year behind because of lack of reliable information.

      The other point is that information on closed/previous locations should not be removed simply to provide a CURRENT list. A current list would not help people looking at Post and Go - and indeed Horizon* - labels/covers from previous years. (* Of course Horizon would be a much bigger list!)

      It obviously needs some sort of collaborative effort, probably on Google Sheets or suchlike, that the owner (say me) would allow obviously knowledgeable people (say you! and a few others) to update, thus meaning that currency was not reliant on one person. It would need to show


      Happy to consider this sometime, and any other solutions. It could be linked from the blog in the menus on the right.

    3. Thanks DP for your much appreciated reply and help, for info it has now been confirmed there is 1 kiosk at Clydebank this been installed about 2 months ago but not the kiosks contents.
      Just to clarify I was not speculating on Chester this moved to WH Smith, 5-7 Foregate Street with the same 2 kiosks on the 27th June I was only asking if anyone knew the new FAD code for our list as it has not been visited as yet.
      I totally agree with you about giving out false information and it was me who appealed on that previous thread for it to stop after a wasted trip to Lyndhurst IIRC.
      Would much appreciate any help Ian could be on hosting a list of offices both old and new that could be properly updated as an historical record this type of list always needs to be a collaborative effort to keep the record as up to date as possible.


    4. The FAD for Chester appears to be 100615

      I’ve seen receipts for the New Huddersfield office, from SSK 70 (session 830 on 17/07/19), alas no FAD on the receipt (the Post Office consultation stated two SSKs)

      Has anyone got the FAD for Saltash yet?

      Other than the ‘planned’ Post Office changes and the offices listed in previous comments are there any other offices that have SSK?

    5. I can confirm the code for Chester is 100615, this along with Wigan may be a new departure in allocating new branches a different branch code under the previous system it would have been 100614, Chester is 17 stock Machin the kiosks using the old software version.
      Post Office consultation is once again in error for Huddersfield there are 4 kiosks the code is 356320 stock is Machin 1st class 18 and 2nd class 17 opened 5th July.
      Saltash code is 259539 16 1st and 17 stock Machins, this according to reply from McColls is there only branch at the moment with NCR.
      Further to my note above Clydebank is confirmed as 18 stock greenery 1st and 2nd.
      Glasgow West End 721-723 Great Western Road code 377832 has 17 stock Machins kiosks installed 13/11/18.
      A note enclosed from them also confirms their other branch at Glasgow Charing Cross 533 Sauchiehall Street also has kiosk(s) looking on the branch finder the code there would be 196832 I will be writing away Monday to confirm kiosks and contents and report back.
      2 further branches are out to consultation to ZCO Ltd from October retaining there 3 kiosks each at the same location these are Faversham and Barnsley so should be no change to code at this stage but they are both to be refurbished in 2020 so could change at that point as did Sydenham.
      I think this is now up to date according to my records but of course someone will always know more.


    6. I can now confirm Glasgow Charing Cross at 533 Sauchiehall Street is 196832 they have 17 stock Machins and one kiosk that was installed 20th November 2018, both Glasgow branches are confirmed as 1 kiosk only and although not noted in the reply I suspect card only kiosks.
      A further office has been added to the franchise list at Sittingbourne same details as those above at Faversham and Barnsley.
      One office I left off my list by mistake is Bath with 5 kiosks k70 and k71 been card only with k67 and k68 using the old menu code is 347504
      A mixture of Machin stock with 1st class been MA15 in k68 to k70 with 16 stock in k67 and k71 whilst the 2nd class is 14 stock k69 and k71, 16 stock k67 and k68 with k70 been 17 stock.
      Details of todays transfer at St Helens not yet to hand.


    7. Judging by the receipt (session 9910- 25/07/19 payment receipt/proof of posting and card receipt all being attacked by a gap in the cutter) I’ve just seen for Great Western Road, it does appear to be a card only machine.

    8. John McCallum has set up a Facebook page called ATM Informer (after the much lamented publication) but its not updated regularly due to his other commitments. I wonder if that would be a useful for a for exchanging information? You also have the Stuart Leigh checklists linked to from the blog and Roy Sanderson's listings of offices (from the old ATM Informer site) I note he used to post on here but haven't seen anything for a while. I have gotten into the habit of popping in to any Co-Op's or McColls displaying a Post Office sign - just in case!

    9. Agreed John's ATM Informer was a superb publication to which I regularly contributed usage figures.
      I am in regular contact with Roy Sanderson so many of my comments are a collaborative effort and he is still active in producing his lists updated when new information comes to light so many thanks to all who are contributing.
      I have his latest sheets but would not want to publish it without his permission.

      In the case of popping into McColls to check for any NCR do not forget Martins newsagents are also part of the same group.
      Will be visiting Pontefract WH Smith Monday so will post details on my return.


    10. Is it possible to have the latest list of known SSK locations shared anywhere?

    11. Not until somebody compiles it....

    12. Looks like Malcolm may be best placed to ask if Roy's list can be shared?

  16. A new type of machine or changes to SSKs and Horizon?

  17. Another new SSK location
    062937 Emsworth
    Southern Co-op, 2 High Street, Emsworth, Hampshire, PO10 7AW
    (session 2750 28/7/19 receipt looks as if it’s from a card only machine)

  18. Big thanks to those who have brought to our attention new and relocated SSK equipped Post Offices.

    I echo the comments about accuracy being of importance, and how Ian has expressed his wishes details of new offices to be listed, which I suspect most would expect as best practice.

    I however hope this does not deter any new offices from being brought to the readerships attention because they may lack branch codes, or know the full address (Post Office Branch Finder does provide this information). It has been demonstrated that the earlier listing have been updated by others, Malcom deserve a special mention for his efforts in filling in the gaps and expanding the original comments.

    There has been a good discussion about what to collect, something which is personal to each of us. The breakdown of the OV prices for mint examples was thought provoking, as was Ian’s comment about the NVI examples.

    Two things I would add to those comments is that within the non-tracked OV labels there two types, those which I suspect are most commonly collected are those which don’t carry the area part of the postcode similar to the DPs images for the large letter versions which Ian added to the initial post and those labels which were produced with a proof of postage requested by the sender as illustrated by the image in Ian’s original post.

    I totally agree with Ian’s comments about the NVI labels. Though just a basic collection of a 1st class example of each label, you still have the differences produced by each type of machine, in Post Offices you have the Wincor-Nixdorf and NCR machines (I’m excluding the machines introduces as part of the comparative trial), but would suggest that two fonts, the font error and data string gap examples also be worth considering as part of a basic collection, whilst they had limited availability, they did occur in more than one office.

    The bureau has produced three types in their packs, those printed at the time the base stock was produced (1st Machin pack and the four Birds packs), those produced on Hytech machines and those produced on the RM series 2 (or IAR as most would recognise them) machines.

    Would you include the OV labels from the packs that were produced, 11 labels (5 with kg, 5 with KG and the 97p on MA13 stock) some will no doubt consider the errors produced by/for by the bureau for collection purposes as modern classics. I can see an argument for this, but not so for the wrong labels used for exhibition/events, then I don’t really get the point of those produced at exhibition/events in any case, but as they say, each to their own.

    1. "The bureau has produced three types in their packs, those printed at the time the base stock was produced (1st Machin pack and the four Birds packs), those produced on Hytech machines and those produced on the RM series 2 (or IAR as most would recognise them) machines."

      Don't forget that the Union Flag and one of the Flowers packs also exists in two types, the second not announced.

  19. Been to Emsworth today and can confirm 1 card only kiosk with 17 stock Machins.
    According to the lady there kiosk was installed on the 8th April when the post office moved in.
    Session number today 2815 so seems fairly well used.
    St Helens moved as planned on the 25th July code is 331434 2 cash kiosks with unknown date code Machins the address is Church Square Shopping Centre, 21 Lagrange Arcade, St Helens, Merseyside


    1. Between 12:58 and 16:45 only four transactions took place on 23 September 2019. The weather was atrocious and ‘Fred’ as they call the machine was having problems with the 2nd class printer jamming. The print from the 1st class (on MA16 stock) was indented to the right as with these 2nd class examples illustrated in this post https://blog.norphil.co.uk/2015/02/more-post-and-go-roundup-more-oddities.html

  20. Tidying up a couple of points from previous posts.
    I can now confirm St Helens Machins are 1st class MA16 and 2nd CL17S in both kiosks.
    The other from a much earlier posting Brent Park Tesco does not have any SSK.


  21. Hello

    I’ve come across an NRC produced Horizon style label with a branch code of 287337.
    Is this from the Franchised Scarborough Post Office or has it come from another office?


    1. It is Scarborough Franchised
      287337 Scarborough
      WHSmith, 106-107 Westborough, Scarborough, YO11 1LD

    2. As promised been to Pontefract today details are 2 kiosks k67 cash although today only operating in card mode and k68 card only but OOS awaiting engineers visit today.
      k67 is 1st Machin R18YAL and 2nd CL17S, I was told k68 also has Machin in so am assuming same code.
      WH Smith
      37-39 Market Place
      WF8 1AG
      FAD is 683323


  22. Two new NCR locations identified today they are both in branches of Mc'Colls and each have 1 card only kiosk.
    22 Market Place
    Oxfordshire SN7 7HU
    FAD 190548
    Machins 1st and 2nd 17 stock operational 3 months so reckoned May 2019

    Town Street
    30 High Street
    Shepton Mallet
    BA4 5AN
    FAD 175040
    Machins 1st 18 stock and 2nd 17 stock operational July 2019
    Official branch name of Town Street not Shepton Mallet probably in honour of the old Crown branch location !!!!!

  23. My apologies a typo crept in on my last post Shepton Mallet FAD code is 170540 and not 175040


  24. Town Street's Fad is 170504
    The Current Branch opened - November 2017, it was previously at 8 Town Street, it kept both it's FAD and branch name, as same operator

    1. My apologies you are correct 170504.
      Thanks for the explanation of Town Street.
      My colleague Roy S who visited says he had a senior moment in passing it on (insert smiley


    2. It’s all too easy too easy to get confused when transcribing seven digit numbers to the six digit ones were more used to. I wonder if that’s what happened with Wigan and Chester or have they run out of available number to use?

  25. Have any of the Manchester offices gained SSKs as a result of the closure of the Mount Street Crown Office?

  26. In addition to Faversham and Barnsley mentioned above for franchise to ZCO in October from the same premises the following have also been added
    Sittingbourne in October followed in November by Battersea, Derby, Petersfield, Sevenoaks, Tunbridge Wells and Wandsworth.
    Of these only Derby, Sevenoaks and Sittingbourne are due a refurbishment in 2020 so a possible change of FAD then as happened at Sydenham.

    Old Street is proposed to move a few doors down to the Co-op at 185 Old Street due January 2020 with the same 4 SSK and details of Worthing that transferred to WH Smith on the 22nd August is
    15 South Street
    West Sussex
    BN11 3AP
    The same 2 SSK kiosks with 18 stock 1st Machin and 17 stock 2nd Machin.

    I can confirm the codes mentioned above for Chester and Wigan are correct an example from each is pictured on the link below

    Not aware of any new SSK offices after Mount Street closed but there was a rumour from a while back that Spring Gardens may gain a kiosk, this was from before news of Mount Street emerged.
    I stress this is only a rumour with no concrete evidence.


  27. My apologies for some reason I omitted Worthing FAD it is 131908



  28. Two further McColl's branches now have 1 cash NCR these are Oakham with Machin 17 stock and Surbiton 1st 16 and 2nd 17 stock Machins.
    Oakham according to staff was installed last May whilst Surbiton was July details are

    30-32 High Street
    LE15 6AL
    FAD 504217


    2-3 Victoria Road
    KT6 4JU
    FAD 171023

    Date for Exeter move to WH Smith is now confirmed as 24th October to the Guildhall shopping centre with Bedford Street closing the day before the new branch is scheduled for 5 NCR

    Malcolm (sorry, deleted the post on my phone so reposted under my name)

  29. Ian thanks for reposting.
    I have had it confirmed that Spring Gardens has not had an increase in the number of kiosks following the closure of Mount Street (post above refers)


  30. 014340 – Barnsley S70-1AA and 010941 - Faversham ME13 8AA Crown Offices closed on 23 October 2019, with ZCO taking over operation from 24 October 2019.


  31. 010242 Walsall WS1 1AA
    Crown Office to close on 9 October 2019, with the Franchised Office opening on 10 October 2019

  32. 007941 Sittingbourne ME10 4AA
    Crown Office to close on 30 October 2019, with the Franchised Office opening on 31 October 2019

  33. Has the London Road, Southampton Post Office got SSK? Saw a Horizon receipt from 19/09/19 with the transaction number reset.

  34. One further office with 1 cash NCR is Haslemere, unfortunately at the moment the kiosk is OOS awaiting an engineer visit but the details are

    3 West Street
    GU27 2AF
    FAD 167923

    This is the former Crown Office building that has been very well restored and opened on the 21st August although the kiosk was not installed until 9th September.

    Darlington moved to WH Smith on the 19th September as yet I do not have full details but supposedly 4 kiosks and is located at
    WH Smith
    37B Cornmill Shopping Centre
    County Durham
    DL1 1LS
    FAD according to branch finder is 415309


    1. Receipt confirms FAD (415309X for those who want the 7 digit number)
      Session 688 4.10.19 for SSK 69

  35. If anyone doesn’t know, it this version of Branch finder that shows the FAD in the address bar

    As an example, the detail for Norwich showing the FAD (seven digit FAD shown)

  36. 004948 - Sevenoaks TN13 1AA
    Crown Office closes 6 November 2019 with the Franchise Office opening 7 November 2019

  37. A date has now been set for the long postponed move of Oldham it will now open at the new premises on the 7th November.
    WH Smith
    2 The Shopping Centre
    Town Square
    OL1 1XF

    To retain 3 SSK


  38. Just to update Haslemere above the kiosk is now back in service as from the 3rd October after engineers visit.
    Machins R18YAL 1st class and CL17S 2nd class.
    A big thank you to Andrew and all the staff there for keeping me informed if only all offices could be run this way.


  39. Just to update Darlington I now have details of stock in the kiosks all are Machin and are made up of a mixture of date codes as follows 1st followed by 2nd class.

    k67 15/17 stock
    k68 16 stock
    k69 14/16 stock and
    k70 16/14 stock

    I will be going to Walsall on Saturday so shall post details on return.


    1. Details of Walsall are

      71-75 Park Street
      West Midlands
      WS1 1NW
      FAD 283242
      On Saturday only k68 was working with Machins R17YAL and MA12


  40. Charing Cross (196832 Machin ‘17’ for both 1st and 2nd) and Clydebank (371832 1st Machin ‘17’ and 2nd Winter Greenery ‘18’) have the SSKs at the retail counter, West End (377832 1st Machin ‘18’ and 2nd Machin ‘17’) has the SSK with the Post Office counter.

    Clydebank is the traditional type (cash and card) whilst Charing Cross and West End are card only

    Strangely the Clydebank SSK would accept a Bank of England £10 note but not a Scottish £10 note.

  41. Thanks Anon for detailed update on these offices.
    Does anyone know what is presently in the kiosks at Perth, Plympton, St Budeaux, Keighley and Andover.


    1. Apologies if this is not linked to an earlier comment. I tried to authorise it from my phone and rejected it by mistake (fat fingers). So I have copied it from the moderation email.

      More Franchising results (in date order):-

      015207 Derby City DE1 1SD
      Crown Office closes 13 November 2019 at 16:00 with the franchised office opening 14 November 2019

      023001 Wandsworth SW18 4LD
      Crown Office closes 19 November 2019 at 16:00 with the franchised office opening 20 November 2019

      019001 Battersea SW11 1AB
      Crown Office closes 20 November 2019 at 16:00 with the franchised office opening 21 November 2019

      003948 Five Ways TN1 2AD
      Crown Office closes 20 November 2019 at 16:00 with the franchised office opening 21 November 2019

      015937 Petersfield GU32 3HG
      Crown Office closes 21 November 2019 at 16:00 with the franchised office opening 22 November 2019

      Given that ZCO have been quite active in acquiring franchised offices which have SSKs, I wonder if the other offices that they have taken over (or are due to 010548 Melksham SN12 6LU) will gain SSKs (010555 Redruth TR15 2AA, 005113 Newmarket CB8 8JJ, 018614 Mold CH7 1AA, 002112 Thetford IP24 2AA, 014614 Holywell CH8 7AA & 006604 Llangefni LL77 7DY).

  42. 259539 Saltash
    1st class Machin ‘17’ 2nc class Machin ‘17’

    262539 St Budeaux
    SSK Trial ended Aug/Sep 2019 – Machine removed

    019539 Plympton
    SSK Trial ended Aug/Sep 2019 – Machine removed

    019539 Plymouth
    67, 68 & 69 Poppy ‘17’
    67 2nd class printed on 1st Machin ‘16’
    68 & 69 Winter Greenery ‘18’

    1. The session numbers I have for Plympton are 3042 on 20/10/18 and 10844 on 1/06/19

  43. Many thanks for this update on SW offices, therefore if my records are correct St. Budeaux and Plympton never issued Machins.

    On the list of offices transferring to ZCO mentioned above Thetford is been checked next week with Newmarket 14th November transfer and Mold 7th November transfer following shortly afterwards.
    At present have no spotters for Llangefni 26th September, Holywell 25th September, Redruth 20th November and Melksham due January 2020


  44. Plympton had Machin CL17S in the 2nd Class Reel on 20/2/19 (Poppy R18YAL in 1st)

    Faringdon had Machin R17YAL and CL17S yesterday 24/10/19.

    1. Trevor

      Many thanks for confirming 2nd Machins were at Plympton missed those for my collection.
      Thetford I can confirm does not have NCR, Exeter transferred to WH Smith 34-35 Guildhall shopping centre still 5 kiosks FAD is 619519 all are Machin.
      Poplar is another office going to a retail partner from same premises due January 2020.


  45. Knutsford 172401 has had the NCR kiosk removed date unknown at present.
    That along with Plympton and St Budeaux now make 3 known locations recently where the kiosk has been withdrawn is there a usage review taking place.


    1. All Co-Ops I believe, not sure if that is significant?

  46. The trial in Co-op owned and run stores was only intended to run for 12-24 months. Those in franchises and affiliated society run stores are different. One of the arguments for not putting these details on branch finder.

    1. Lets provide a service, not promote it and then say it wasn't a success. Hmmmm not sure on that one. The machines are always next to a counter where one 'team' member has to do their counter work as well as keep a weather eye on anyone using the kiosk, whereas in a 'traditional office' the machines have there own minder. Perhaps this is the reason why its not much of a success in stores?

  47. I've had a report by email that Old Street in London is "closing the branch in mid-January and moving to the nearby Co-op. Not sure what’s happening to P&G as usually a very busy office with queuing".
    I haven't checked whether this is reported in earlier comments, but as the Co-op is involved it will be interesting to see what happens.

    1. The decision letter here indicates that four kiosks will be provided, the same as today


      The current branch will close at 18:00 on Wednesday 29 January 2020, with the new branch opening at 09:00 on Thursday 30 January 2020.

  48. Updating a couple of earlier posts
    Oldham address is WH Smith, 2 Town Square Shopping Centre, Oldham, Lancashire OL1 1XF code is 3104249.
    On the first day only k69 was working with Machins an engineer working on the other two.
    I can also confirm no NCR at Mold.