Monday 13 May 2019

May 2019 slogan postmarks

May has got off to a very slow start: indeed I spent some time looking through the May blog looking for the right entry to add this to, but found that indeed this is the first for this month!

Royal Mail celebrates the birth of Archie Harrison, first son of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex with the congratulatory slogan.  I don't know when it started: he was born on Monday 6th May and I suspect the slogan may have been in use as early as that the following day, as there were no mail collections on the Monday.
TRH The Duke and
Duchess of Sussex on
the birth of their son

UPDATE 14 May: On our own post and via email (thank you) we have received this year's Mental Health Awareness Week slogan.   I can't read the date on the Exeter Mail Centre one but it is probably 13 May, the same as that for Nottingham Mail Centre, which is in the other, four-line, format.

Mental Health 
13-19 May 2019

UPDATE 17 May:  BM has sent this further example of the Mental Health Awareness slogan, from Gatwick on 16th, applied to a prec-cancelled Machin PPI.  Strange how Royal Mail's machines miss so much stamped machineable mail, and yet postmark mailpieces which don't need it!


UPDATE 22 May: BE has sent a copy of the latest slogan which marks Children's Hospice Week. This example is from Peterborough Mail Centre on 18 May. 
UPDATE: 25 May: received in the post today, the other layout from South East Anglia 23/05/2019

Hospice Week
20 - 26 May 2019

As usual I welcome other reports of this slogan to confirm its usage period (funny, nobody has mentioned it yet, a week after the event), and any other slogans which will be added here.

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  1. The PPI’s printed cancel in silver and not black as others have been. I received a similar one today from the ‘Nextdoor’ website.

    A change in general of just specific to the website I wonder?


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