Friday 3 May 2019

Birds of Prey Maximum Cards

2019 has been a very difficult year for making Maximum Cards for GB stamps.  The year started with the Stamp Classics - a stamp on stamp issue not even including the 1d black, for which cards do exist.

The Leonardo da Vinci stamps were not very exicting, although one of my customers found two cards which I serviced. Not much opportunity with special postmarks either.  Then we moved on to Marvel Comics - cards exist, indeed there are boxes of 100, but they are mostly comic covers and cluttered. Again, not much opportunity to produce maximum cards from commonly found cards.

So it was good to have the Birds of Prey set because postcards for some of the birds are quite plentiful - although others are much more difficult to find here.  I had built up a small stock of bird postcards in anticipation of their eventual use, and a couple of our customers managed even better.

Some duplicates have been added to our shop for sale, but in most cases there is only one copy of each card.  Here are a few of them:


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