Friday 10 November 2017

Poppy stamp reissue

A short note to point out that the self-adhesive Poppy stamp is on sale again - probably only until next week.  This was mentioned as the lead item in this post, but some people missed it thinking that that post was only about Post and Go stamps.

On Monday, Winter Greenery Post and Go start again, so probably this is the last chance to get the new Poppy Post and Go stamps from Post Office SSKs.

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  1. I am confused again in relation to the information that the Winter Greenery P&G will be reissued on Monday 13th. I have just spoken to TH and they have no information regarding this, can anyone help?

    1. That's because Tallents House are not involved, although this reissue is mentioned on the back page of the November Philatelic Bulletin.
      They aren't involved because it is a reintroduction rather than a new issue. THey will be at Post Office Branches and the Postal Museum, and at RM Delivery Offices

  2. Thank you very much Ian, no longer confused.


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