Monday 13 November 2017

Royal Mail Announce 2018 issue programme

The Pocket Calendar for 2018 has now been distributed by Royal Mail and lists the following:
Date Issue Comment

23 January To be announced

23 January Post and Go - To be announced

January (provisional) 150th Ann of Trades Union Congress [Com Sheet]

14 February Postal Heritage: Mail by Sea

15 February Votes for Women

20 March Royal Air Force Centenary

Spring (probable) Royal Wedding - probably miniature sheet

17 April Reintroduced Species

11 May The Old Vic

5 June Royal Academy

26 June Dad's Army

31 July Hampton Court Palace

16 August Captain Cook's Voyage

30 August Owls

12 September Postal Heritage: Mail by Bike

13 September First World War 1918

16 October TBA

1 November Christmas

14 November Prince of Wales 70th Birthday

November Lunar New Year of the Pig

A reader has commented:
I suspect Jan 23rd will be another biggie - stamps, minisheet, booklet, PSB, Smilers sheet and Post & Go.
I can't let the comment be published because it contains a coded reference to the January issue, and I can't let those through (Trelantis - you know that!)

No more comments on this post: the programme has been relisted with the first images here.


  1. I'm assuming that Cook's Voyage is the 250th Anniversary of his first voyage. Though it will be interesting to see if it includes reference to other voyages, and potentially is a joint issue.

  2. Jan 28 is a Sunday!

    John Embrey

    1. So what is going to be issued on Sunday the 28th?
      I have just received the Royal Mail Special Stamps for 2018 calendar and there is nothing on there about 150th Anniversary of the TUC.

    2. The Commemorative Sheet (previously noted above as [CS]) is in the progrsamme for January, though the date we were given is wrong.

  3. Will anyone give two hoots about the calendar!?

    A quick look at anniversaries - 200th anniv. of a certain horror story is in January. I might still have a Hammer Horror stamp of it!

  4. And no Europa stamp issue ... not really a surprise in these times...

    1. Yes, it's difficult to see where they will work a Bridge into any of those subjects. Any ideas folks?

  5. Did any one else notice that the 4 anniversary sets of 2018 - 150th Ann of Trades Union Congress [CS], Votes for Women, Royal Air Force Centenary and Captain Cook's Voyage are *exactly* the same anniversaries that are commemorated in 4 stamps issued in 1968 (on May 29). I do wonder if that was how they were chosen?

    1. Good shout, it appears very little thought goes into it these days.

    2. While those four 1968 anniversaries (including Votes for Women) were covered by just four stamps (4d, 9d, 1s, 1s9d) I'm guessing that there will be anywhere from 24 to 40 stamps issued in 2018. No wonder stamp collecting is dying on its feet.

    3. Collecting new stamps is decreasing. Fortunately there are sufficient 20th and 19th century stamps to keep all collectors and philatelists happy for years to come - unless they only want to buy new issues in which case they will continue to moan about the cost.

      The answer is in their hands. Anybody who wants a 'complete' collection can cut it short and say it is 'complete to 201-', just as they would if illness or misfortune prevented them from buying any more stamps at all.

  6. Nothing really sticks out apart from Reintroduced Species (Beaver, Boar etc etc), Owls and Dad's Army, and I predicted Captain Cook earlier this year, surprised the Commonwealth Games isn't covered for 2018.

    23rd January could be Musical Greats III centred around George Michael, there seems to be a lot of buzz surrounding his music this year since he departed, so I wouldn't be surprised it be the next Musical Greats Project

  7. With this morning's news can we expect an addition to the calendar? A miniature sheet for Prince Harry's wedding perhaps?

  8. No it wouldn't be just a miniature sheet. 'Whole works' needed here including two versions of a PSB with black/white photos in one and colour in the other. They could throw in special backing papers as well with "H & M" (inverted and normal) for security purposes. Don't worry it will all be secret and the publicity photos only issued on the evening of Harry's stag night!
    Doug (Enfield)

    1. Prince William and Kate Middleton's Wedding was only a miniature sheet, RM will probably go down the same route as last time, the whole works ain't needed as said above.

    2. October issue could be related to the Carry on movies, 60th Anniversary.

    3. October issue, could be Paddington Bear (60th Anniversary).
      This would be the 4th Paddington Bear Stamp issued by Great Britain.
      But I would rather see Paddington again, then see some of the other stamp themes they are putting on stamps.

    4. Maybe after seeing what will be issued. (Dull and boring issues), maybe now is the time o stop my standing order with the Edinburgh bureau.

  9. Unlikely to be any stamps. the Monarchy is too controversial - this is the 21st century - and there have been too many royal issues lately