Tuesday 12 April 2016

Spring printings bring many more new Machin stamps

As usual at this time of year, there have been a number of new printings of counter sheets, business sheets and booklets, giving rise to a number of totally new stamps.  (Click on all these images for enlargements[UPDATED 19 April]

The 500g Special Delivery stamp was first issued in 2010, and reprinted in 2014, and has now been reprinted again on 03/03/16

Both Royal Mail Signed For stamps, first issued in 2013, were reprinted in 2015.  The Large Letter version has now been reprinted again, on 01/03/16.

Also new this week are the 1st class Large [12/02/16] , and £1 wood-brown [09/02/16] with M16L year codes.

The 2nd x 12 booklet with year code M16L has also appeared (picture to follow).  As expected this has security backing paper.  I'm reminded that the 1st x 12 M16L booklet has also appeared and I hope to have stock of this next week.

There have also been more new printings of values already received this year:

2nd class Large - 16/02/16

1st purple - 26/02/16

£1.05 - 10/02/16

£1.33 - 18/02/16

Some of these are listed in dateblocks on our shop (or will be very shortly): if any readers want examples that are not listed, please contact us an we will try to obtain them.

Revised List
Our comprehensive checklist of all Security Machins, the booklets, and a cross-reference to SG Concise numbers has been updated to version 1.4.3 and is available now.

New additions are here highlighted thus. Some booklets (including cylinders) have been added but cylinders are in very short supply.  This brings the total to 20, with two more to come in the Queen's Birthday prestige stamp book, and another in the associated retail booklet.

2015 Year Codes   (7)

2931R.5 - 2nd class coil - MRIL - reported used, then mint

2911B.5a - 2nd class business sheet MBIL on security backing paper (SBP)

2931.5a - 2nd class book of 12 MTIL on SBP

2936.5a - 1st class red book of 12 MTIL on SBP

2914B.5a - 1st class red business sheet MBIL on SBP 

3745a  -  1st class amethyst purple book of 6 on SBP [O15R]

2937.5a - 1st Large book of 4 on SBP

2016 Year Codes (M16L unless otherwise stated) (15)

2911B.6 - 2nd class business sheet MBIL on security backing paper (SBP)

2913B.6 - 2nd Large business sheet MBIL M16L 11/02/16 on security backing paper (SBP) UPDATE

2913.6 - 2nd Large counter sheet printed 15/01/16 - plain backing paper (PBP)

2916.6 - 1st Large counter sheet printed 12/02/16 - plain backing paper (PBP)

2931.6 - 2nd class book of 12 MTIL on SBP

2936.6 - 1st class red book of 12 MTIL on SBP  UPDATE

3002.6 - 2p counter sheet printed 12/01/16 - PBP

3010.6 - 10p counter sheet printed 11/01/16 - PBP

3101.6 - £1.00 brown counter sheet printed 10/02/16 - PBP

3105 - £1.05 counter sheet printed 20/01/16 new tariff - PBP

3133.6  - £1.33 counter sheet  08/01/16 - PBP

2992.6 - 1st Large Signed For - printed 01/03/16 - PBP

2986.6 - Special Delivery 500g - printed 03/03/16

3702P.6  - 1st class red MPIL  gummed paper from PSB issued 21/04/16

3744.6 - 1st class amethyst purple counter sheet printed 21/01/16 - PBP  [O16R]

3745a.6  -  1st class amethyst purple book of 6 on SBP [O16R]

3746.6 - 1st class amethyst purple from mixed book of 6 on SBP - issued 21/04/16

3748 - 1st class amethyst purple gummed paper from PSB O16R REIGP issued 21/04/16

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