Monday 4 April 2016

Post and Go Stamps: good advice from GBStamp on how to continue.

When I produced the first checklist of Machin Security Stamps I was asked to do something similar for Post and Go.  I declined, and sought another to do that job, and Stuart Leigh stepped in to produce his excellent illustrated lists.

But at the same time I was thinking how complicated Post and Go stamps were.  Collecting a single 1st class stamp of each design seemed like a good idea, but then Gibbons catalogue started listing not the individual designs but the individual values in each set.   So a Collectors Set seemed a sensible thing to collect - until tariff changes meant that the contents of such a Set had changed!  This meant that most pictorial sets have 9 different values.

Take into account the different typefaces (= machine types) and the basic Machin design has (in last year's GB Concise catalogue) a massive 26 different stamps - and that doesn't include different year codes printed on the base stamps!

Now another blogger, on has found time to write a very reasoned treatise, on how to 'Focus Your Post and Go Stamp Collection':
As we've already said, do we really need six different values on the same label? Do we need to adopt a scattergun approach encompassing all Post & Go stamps issued by all the machines at all the locations in Great Britain? Probably unachievable anyway. Can you access used examples of the Post & Go stamps you want cheaper than the mint equivalents?
Read the whole article at the link above.  And if you want to add to your collection - with single 1st class stamps or Collectors Sets - see our shop, where we also have something few collections will have, Bird Post & Go covers signed by the artist, Robert Gillmor.

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