Thursday 14 April 2016

Another case of a missing cylinder number - the new £1.05 stamp

In May last year we reported that an error on the 100g Special Delivery stamp cylinder mean
that some sheets from the cylinder were missing the iridescent cylinder number.

Now the same error has occurred on the new £1.05 definitive, certainly on the latest printing - and probably on the original.

So far we have had reports as follows:

With iridescent cylinder D1
     Column 1 Row 2 and Row 4
     Column 2 Row 2 and Row 4

Without iridescent cylinder D1
     Column 1 Row 3
     Column 2 Rows 1 and R3
     Column 3 Row 3

£1.05 with missing iridescent cylinder compared with SD500

1 comment:

  1. It is present on column 3 row 2.

    I speculate that it is going to be absent on all columns from rows 1 and 3 and present on all columns from row 2 and 4.

    But there is something else interesting about the £1.05. Has anyone taken a close look at the ones on the Royal Mail FDCs? They seem to be sideways printed. That would not be surprising since RM have been known in the past to print special rolls for assembling FDCs. But there is something more interesting. The security paper-clip cut on the FDC seems to be totally different from the one on the sheet stamp. There is a wide gap at the top and bottom of the cuts. On the sheet stamps there is only a tiny gap at top and bottom. Also the security "Royal Mail" backgound to the FDC stamp looks darker and more indistinct, but this may be insignificant as this observation is based on a sample size of 1!!


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