Monday 18 April 2016

Queen's 90th Birthday stamps - nearly there, and we're celebrating with a holiday!

As you can imagine, registered dealers have a close relationship with Royal Mail when it comes to news and information about new issues.  This is why we know - and have known since Spring Stampex in February - the design of the new miniature sheet and hence the similar PSB pane and retail booklet.

So you can imagine that those who are playing by the rules and complying with the embargos that have been put in place, get a tad teed off when the designs appear early, as happened with The Irish Times for the Long To Reign issue. 

Now we find that the first retail booklet has appeared on auction site eBay.   Don't expect it to be there by the time you read this though: Royal Mail will probably find it and take action.

But come back here on Wednesday morning, as the embargo date has been brought forward by 24 hours and the pictures will be here from 2am on 20th April.

This is especially useful for me, as we will be taking a break and the office will be closed from Wednesday 20th through to 27th.  All orders will be reserved as usual and will be dealt with as soon as possible on our return.


  1. Astonishingly, the same dealer has now got a second sale for the booklet on E Bay. Notably however the dealer has not offered the miniature sheet for sale. The seller has almost sold all the pieces that he has been offering for sale. It must be very frustrating for dealers who stick to the rules. It sounds as though the sheet will be a very popular item so there seems to have been no commercial need to have jumped the gun.

  2. Well before 2am and the stamp sheet is all over the web sites of the main papers. So much for an embargo.

    1. The embargo was changed to 00.01 on 20th because of the Royal visit to Windsor RM. My new blog post was ready, and was loaded around 0730.


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