Saturday 31 October 2015

Royal Mail Honours Kiwis' Rugby World Cup 2015 Win

Royal Mail is celebrating the end of Rugby World Cup 2015 with a special postmark congratulating the winners, New Zealand.

The postmark will be applied to millions of items of UK stamped mail nationwide from Saturday 31 October to Wednesday 4 November. It will read

Congratulations to New Zealand Rugby World Cup 2015 winners

Rugby World Cup 2015 was hosted by England for the second time – the first occasion being 24 years ago. Today’s Final at Twickenham was the culmination of 48 matches held up and down the country, over the past 44 days, from St James’ Park in Newcastle to Brighton Community Stadium.

The winning of the Rugby World Cup is considered the greatest prize in Rugby and is one of the world’s most admired competitions. 20 teams from around the world competed to lift the Webb Ellis Cup, named in honour of the sport’s folkloric founder, English schoolboy William Webb Ellis.

Andrew Hammond from Royal Mail, said: “Postmarks are used to commemorate significant moments in the country’s history. England being chosen as the hosts for Rugby World Cup 2015 is certainly something to remember.

"The Tournament has been fantastic and we are really pleased that we can celebrate it in a unique way.”

No picture was available with the press release email. 

UPDATE 6 November: But I have been sent these, the first from the myroyalmail website (the press release still isn't on the Royal Mail Group Media webpage where all(?) press releases are supposed to be):

And Mike sent the alternative layout used at Edinburgh.  Mike pointed out that the wording at Edinburgh was different - but in fact the wording advised in the original email was wrong: (see below) the word 'to' is not included on the specimen shown above, either!

Further update...  Thanks to GW I can now show the other format (from Bristol Mail Centre) which does indeed include the word 'to', per the original email.


  1. In case you haven’t seen the Royal Mail image

  2. The version received by me on mail from Stroud (Royal Mail BA,BS,GL,TA Mail Centre) dated 2 November has the word to added and says"Congratulations to New Zealand winners of the Rugby World Cup 2015" over 5 lines.

    1. I'll be pleased to show it here if you send a scan at no more than 300 dpi - email address at the top of the page.


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