Saturday 7 November 2015

At last the 2015 coded 2nd class coil stamp has appeared.

Once again what the industry refers to as Direct Mail and what most recipients refer to as Junk Mail has added to the number of collectable Machin Security Stamps for 2015.  Thanks to a reader in Lincolnshire, I can show the 2nd class coil for this year, coded MRIL M15L.

This comes on a mail-shot from the Samaritans posted via Croydon Mail Centre on 3 November 2015.

What is also interesting is the Postcode slogan, rather than the Rugby World Cup Winners or default Stroke Association slogans, suggesting that maybe machine 6 was used to process these and only these letters, while ordinary mail was processed with the previously announced slogans.  Readers will recall coils used on previous mailshots was cancelled with a wavy-line-only postmark, applied by the mailing house, rather than at the Mail Centres.  (See here and here, for examples.)

I will, of course, be interested to hear of any other users of this new stamp.

Update: 2 reports of mailings from the British Heart Foundation.

Update 31 January 2016.  A further example from finance company IWOCA:


  1. 21 Nov 2015
    Just received red envelope from British Heart Foundation with this stamp M15L, MRIL cancelled with Stroke and wavy line cancel

    1. You beat me to it! Another from the BHF here.


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