Tuesday 2 September 2014

Post and Go in central London - any Wincor-Nixdorf left?

A correspondent has been looking at various blog posts about the change from Wincor-Nixdorf Post and Go machines to NCR Self Service in London, and can't find the answer to this question.

Can anybody tell me whether there are any Wincors left - starting from Islington (Stampex) and working through the central London area? 

Many thanks


  1. Best guess, Holloway on Wednesday & Thursday, office being relocated on 23rd, so won’t have machine Friday or Saturday, if other relocations are anything to go by.

  2. Wincor kiosks left in the London area (all correct up until the last fortnight when all have been checked) are
    Balham, Albemarle Street, Baker Street, Clapham High Street, Great Portland Street, Aldwych, Holloway Road, Broadway, Knightsbridge, Kensington, Junction Road, Wood Green, Finchley Road, Farringdon and Tudor Street.
    Holborn is due to go NCR on the 17th September so Wincor kiosks will be withdrawn prior to this, and Neasden Tesco is long term sick (or forgotten !!!!!!)
    Of the above list Balham and Holloway Road are due for relocation so change to NCR unlikely here with Albemarle Street closing this month.
    Recent London conversions to NCR are Harrow, Shepherds Bush and Kings Walk, if anyone can update this list it would be appreciated.

  3. I've also been sent this list which may or may not duplicate some of the information above:

    Farringdon Rd. & Tudor St. 100003

    Balham 002001

    Clapham 005008

    Aldwych 008010

    Finchley Rd. 042005

    Holloway 010004 (being relocation to 116-120 Seven Sisters Rd.)

    Kensington 012006

    Knightsbridge 011008

    Baker St. 003009

    Gt. Portland St. 006009

    Albemarle 002009 (due to close end Sept because of lease expiry)

    Neasden 074005

    Upper Holloway 023004

    Broadway 010011

    Wood Green 024004.

  4. Albemarle Street Post Office is due to close on Friday 12th September 2014

  5. Holloway relocation details now to hand, the new branch will open at above address at 09:00 on the 25th September with the current branch closing 17:30 the previous day.
    New branch is within 400 metres.

  6. For those coming up to London for Wincor an update to the list above is
    Aldwych, Knightsbridge and Broadway are now NCR.
    Great Portland Street is due to go live on the 16th October.
    Holloway has Wincor kiosk installed but still not commissioned.
    Although delayed Holborn has had Wincor withdrawn so NCR imminent.
    Baker Street, Clapham and Junction Road have building work well under way although Baker Street is suspended due to noise problems for the residents living in the flats above.
    Offices not checked recently are Balham, Finchley Road, Neasden and Wood Green.

  7. Further conversions to NCR have now reduced Wincor in the Capital to a handful.
    Wood Green has been NCR for some time and recent conversions are Great Portland Street and Junction Road.
    Kensington (of poppy fame) has had Wincor withdrawn so NCR is imminent there.
    I am sure it is not official but from todays observations it seems if a Wincor goes defective it is not been given priority for repair with Farringdon Road and also 2 of the 3 kiosks out of service at both Tudor Street and Clapham out of service.
    The kiosk at Holloway is showing a Windows start up fault as it did two weeks ago, not checked were Finchley Road and Balham.


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