Saturday 20 September 2014

Invictus Games and Kenneth More slogan postmarks.

Royal Mail marked the Invictus Games with what seems to be a nationwide slogan campaign, as shown here, produced in two types  

Celebrating the / Invictus Games / September / 10th - 14th 2014
Chester Mail Centre

Medway Mail Centre 12-09-2014

From what I can make out this would have been applied from 9 September so as to appear on mail arriving from 10th, the day the games started.  I've seen the first type also from Sheffield and SE Wales mail centres, and the second type also from Peterborough MC.

Today we received another postmark in the Remarkable Lives series for stage and screen actor Kenneth More who died in 1982.

The postmark is intended to appear on mail delivered nationwide on Saturday 20th September, the date of Kenneth’s 100th birthday: the one we have is from Peterborough MC on 18th September.

However, the nationwide application of this may be patchy as the same post brought this Postcode slogan from Gatwick MC also on 18th September.

On the other hand, Swindon were using the slogan on Saturday 20th.

Examples of Ryder Cup Gleneagles slogans have been added to the original post.

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