Friday 26 September 2014

Post and Go Royal Navy Museum news - Trafalgar Day!

According to the unofficial IAR website:

The A002 kiosk at the NMRN in Portsmouth will have a ‘Trafalgar Day’ inscription  on the Union Flag Faststamps on the 21st October until the end of 10th November. 

Although the regular issues are on the Museum shop website, the short-term specials will only be available in person or by telephone 02392 727596 or possibly email: They are taking advance orders, but take particular note of the following:

The price shown on the Museum website is £15 for a Collectors Strip.  For some reason this includes 20% VAT which does not seem appropriate, and even without that the premium price is far in excess of what it should be. 

Because of this we will not be getting these local issues. 


  1. So the Trafalgar Day overprint ends on the 10th, does that mean that the Remembrance overprint will be applied to the Union Flag labels on the 11th until whenever?

    1. The implication is that there will be two different inscriptions running concurrently, Trafalgar on the Flag and Remembrance on the Poppy.


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