Friday 26 September 2014

2nd class Post and Go MA14

Readers will be reassured to know that dealers can get as confused as collectors, so forgive me if this is not news! and John (ATM Informer) McCallum has now confirmed that this is the first sighting of this stamp.

The Post and Go machines at St Vincent Street Glasgow have recently been replaced by NCR Self-Service machines - indeed this may have been posted on the first day.  In which case it may be a first day cover of the stamps as well, as the 2nd class Machin Faststamps have the MA14 year code.  Thanks to the sender for getting the self-inking counter datestamp on these as the slogan doesn't really show the date of 22 September.


  1. The St. James Centre branch in Edinburgh had them on the 19thSeptember (ebay 231338873787), Spring Gardens branch in Manchester also has them.

    New installation should get them first, with other offices getting them sooner or later as stocks are replenished as happened with the 1st class ones.

  2. Aldwych Post Offcie now has 4 NCR machines (1st day 1/10) Machins MA14on both 1st and 2nd labels. The second class labels have the phosphor band displaced with the gap being level with the “2nd class” service indicator rather than at the top and bottom of it.
    High Holborn has lost it’s Wincor machines and is awaiting delivery of their NCRs, Great Portland Street and Clapham Common (Machins MA13) are expecting to be converted with the next two weeks. Broadway and Knightsbridge now have NCR machines, 4 & 3 respectively

    1. Thank you for the update. I think it is nearly time for somebody to ask PO Ltd for a new up to date list of all locations.

  3. Balham
    (1)Symbolic Flowers

    Clapham Common
    (1) Symbolic Flowers
    (2) Machin MA13
    (3) Machin MA 13

    Kensington High Street
    (1) Symbolic Flowers
    (2) Symbolic Flowers

    Wood Green Had been using NCR machines for a while
    Junction Road (Archway) Started using their NCRs today MA14 Machins for both 1st and 2nd. The 2nd class have the misplace phosphor band.

  4. Changes affecting Post & Go Self Service offices:

    St Vincent Street Crown Post Office, Glasgow - 002832
    It’s planned to move this office to 18 Renfield Street, Glasgow, G2 5AP, in March 2015. The new office is to be known as Glasgow Crown Office.

    Chester Le Street Crown Post Office - 003313
    It’s planned to relocate this office to 13 North Burns, Chester Le Street, during February/March 2015. The new office will not have Post & Go Self service machines.

    Kings Walk Crown Post Office, London – 015008
    It’s planned to close this office from February 2015.


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