Sunday 29 September 2013

Stampex Faststamps and new Machins now on sale in our shop

Most pre-orders have now been cleared so we have added the following to our e-commerce site - but we didn't buy hundreds of each, so get them now while you can.  For some Faststamps we have only 3-4 examples.  Click on the heading to straight to the shop

Machin Definitives:
5p and 50p Merchant Navy from prestige book M13L
2nd Large from business sheets MA13
2nd Large from booklets MA13
10p counter sheet including cylinder blocks
1st and 1st Large counter sheets MA13

British Auto Legends Maximum Cards - all 10 listed here
Post and Go Faststamps:
Freshwater Life 3: Rivers Hytech sets of 36 and 6 x 1st
Union Flag with Coronation inscription (MA13) - collectors sets of 6 and 1st class, both from FIVE different machines
Machin MA13 no added inscription - collectors sets of 6 and 1st class, both from FOUR different machines

First Day Covers for some of these will be added when received from postmarking centres.

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