Tuesday 24 September 2013

Royal Mail's Philatelic Bulletin 50th Anniversary

The 50th birthday of Royal Mail's Philatelic Bulletin was marked at Stampex with a huge 7-tiered cake adorned with images of stamps and Bulletin covers.  Sadly the wrong sort of glue/jam was used and some of these had fallen off by Thursday morning.

There is no truth in the suggestion that any of the cake was sliced and distributed to dealers at the Trade Briefing on Thursday afternoon!

Now they need to turn their attention to more timely publication and more accurate information - but then they know that already.


  1. Any idea why I received 2 first day covers with my last Bulletin?

    1. If only Royal Mail had an interactive blog ....

      I guess they didn't want you to feel left out - everybody got them. Why they sent two I've no idea.
      We can always re-use them with extra stamps added for re-posting.


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