Friday 20 September 2013

Post and Go on the road - changes to previously announced plans

Royal Mail have advised that the previously published programme of regional visits has been changed.

There will now be no installation at the Royal Festival Hall in London in October 2013, but the machines will be at the Stafford Stamp Show Friday 8th November 2013 - Saturday 9th November 2013.   There will be no overprints, but the machine(s) are expected to have Machins, Freshwater 3 Rivers, and Christmas Robins.  The latter could be MA13-coded, see below.

UPDATE 25 September
Details have now emerged of the stamps available at Stafford:


Reel A = Robins (MA13)

Reel B = Machin (MA13)


Reel A = Rivers

Reel B = Robin (MA13)

Same configuration both days

Friday will have the ‘First Day of Show’ Receipt

Saturday will have the ‘Last Day of Show’ Receipt

Generic Smiler will be the Stafford 2013 logo (shown here)

The 'tour' for at least the early part of 2014 has been added in a separate post.


  1. I see now since Stampex we have 'Last Day of Show' added to the receipts. This is also going to be repeated at Stafford and I expect at all other shows such as York and Salibury. Is this just another way to get more money out of the serious Post & Go collector?

    1. Well Brian, anybody who insists on getting all the different receipts should bear in mind that thermal images disappear in anything from 3 months to a few years depending on how they are stored - just look at some of your credit card and other till slips.

      Each to his own, but I would find something more interesting to spend my money on :-)

  2. that's why you should keep photocopying them over time to retain the image ;)


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