Monday 23 September 2013

Post and Go Roadshow 2014

UPDATED 2 January 2014 in new post.  This post closed for comments.

According to Brian on postagelabelsuk, Royal Mail announced during Autumn Stampex their intention to take the ‘Post and Go Roadshow’ to another international stamp exhibition ‘ PhilaKorea ‘ in 2014.

The international show, sponsored by Korea Post, takes place August 7th - 12th 2014. (6 Days) in the ‘COEX Hall’, Seoul.

A similar set-up to that used in Australia in 2013 is expected, along with a suitable overprint (including ’KR’ origin code).  Mirroring the 2013 Australian Stamp Expo, it is expected that ‘GB’ versions of the Post and Go stamps will be available from the Philatelic Bureau.

Well unless Tallents House make available faststamps with the KR code as well as the GB code I suspect there will be quite a shortage of the former.   Getting the Australian ones was relatively easy.  Getting them from Korea will be much more difficult.  I would suggest that collectors start finding pen/e-friends in Korea now!


Royal Mail have announced the following plan for the contents of Post and Go machines. Note that at Stampex the new stamps will now be issued on Day 1 (Wednesday) instead of Friday.  The plan is subject to change with additional shows, or changes to the contents of machines.

Stafford 8 - 9 November2013
A3 A Robin / A3 B Machin - A4 A Rivers / A4 B Robin on both days

York 17 - 18 January
Reel A Flag, Reel B Machin in both A3 and A4 machines on both days

Spring Stampex 19-22 February
Machines A2 and A3 - Reel A Spring Blooms, Reel B Machin with additional inscription, 4 days
Machine A4 - Reel A Union Flag; Reel B Machin with additional inscription, 4 days
Machine B1 - Spring Blooms on both reels, all 4 days
Machine B2 - Machin with additional inscription on both reels, all 4 days

Sailsbury 14-15 March
A2 and A3 Reel A Spring Blooms, Reel B Machin (no added inscription) on both days

Perth - 85th Scottish Congress
11 - 12 April -  A2 and A3 Reel A Union Flag, Reel B Machin on both days
Added inscription on both stamps for the 85th Scottish Congress

York 18 - 19 July
A2 and A3:   Reel A Flag, Reel B Machin on both days

Philakorea Seoul 7 - 12 August
A2 and A3:   Reel A Flag, Reel B Machin on all days, with Philakorea 2014 inscription on both stamps.  GB versions of both will be available from Tallents House.

Autumn Stampex
Machines A2 and A3 - Reel A Symbolic Flowers, Reel B Flag with additional inscription
Machine A4 - Reel A Flag with additional inscription ≠, Reel B Machin without.
Machine B1 - Symbolic Flowers on both reels
                All the above apply on all 4 days (but see ≠)

Machine B2 - Reel A Flag; Reel B Machin with additional inscription on day 1
Flag with additional inscription on both reels on days 2-4

The information provided shows no additional inscription on day 1 on A2 reel B, A4 reel A - in other words, the Flag from A2B and from A4A will be without additional inscription.  However, as the table we have taken this data from shows the Machin with additional inscription is only available from machine B2/B on day 1, ie the Back Office machine on the Royal Mail stand and not the public-access machines, I'm not at all sure that this is accurate!

Stafford - 7 - 8 November (see comments: official issue date for Winter is 13 November)
A2 Reel A Winter Greenery, Reel B Machin on both days
A3 Reel A Symbolic Flowers, Reel B Winter Greenery on both days


  1. No mention of any Christmas "Pop Up" shops as per last year in Camden Market. Will be interesting to see what happens.
    Doug (Enfield)

    1. To be fair that isn't part of Royal Mail's regular remit. The Pop-ups are Post Office Ltd ideas so, I presume, they have to ask RM for a number of P&G machines.

      But I am led to believe that there are plans for a repeat, maybe at Camden, maybe elsewhere instead/as well.

  2. Regarding PHILKOREA 2014, one member of our philatelic group is organizing a trip there, and would accept orders in advance.

    1. That's good news for UK collectors - and dealers.
      Email me privately now or nearer the time, but with enough notice.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Hello again, Anonymous. If your group trip is still on and you are willing to accept orders it would be useful to have information for ordering in the same way as we do for Perth Congress which may involve a lot of individual orders to deal with ( But whether or not that is possibe, please contact me by email.

  3. Hi Winter Greenery issue date is 13th November so should not be at Stafford.

    1. True, but as Stafford was listed as 18-19 April in the info provided, we can't be certain of anything.

      Maybe Winter Greenery will be changed to the previous Thursday, or eve Friday for Stafford.