Friday 13 September 2013

Stamp news update - Machin definitives

Not a great deal of news in our absence, just two snippets.

The 10p definitive, mentioned in the spring by a magazine columnist, has at last made an appearance.  Thanks to RP for the picture.

And the 2nd class Large from counter sheets has appeared with sheet number and a printing date of 07/05/2013.  Thanks to MD for this picture.

We still don't have the 2nd Large from books of 4 or Business Sheets.  My one foray into a post office whilst I was away found that they were using Diamond Jubilee 1st Large, and 2009 printings of 2nd Large booklets.


  1. A number of misperforated self-adhesive stamps have appeared over the last month on ebay, a number of 1st class, that appear to have come from a business sheet judging by the rouletting, 151117061678, 161025738163, 151044426528, 151044426573, and a second class 161052102105 showing the security overprint, but you can’t tell the source.

  2. Book of 4 x 2nd Large with Year Code 13 are available to Waltham Cross Post Office, Hertfordshire. (Post Office inside W H Smiths in the Shopping Pavilion)
    Doug (Enfield)


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