Friday 13 April 2012

Titanic Anniversary Commemorative Sheet issued 10 April 2012

With so much in the media this week I had overlooked posting the image of Royal Mail's Titanic Centenary Commemorative sheet.

This was placed on sale on 10 April at a price of £13.95 (face value of stamps £4.60).  Royal Mail have not yet announced the price of the Commemorative Sheets to be issued after the postage rate increase, but it would not be surprising if the price was to increase beyond £16, so order now, from Royal Mail's website (see below).  We will not be stocking this item.

The same pricing policy will probably apply to all the Commemorative Sheets - choose from the 15 available here.

An interesting write-up on the Royal Mail Ship Titanic is on the blog of the British Postal Museum and Archive.

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