Friday 20 April 2012

More 2012 printings of Machin counter sheets - now the £1 ruby!

Thanks to 'CityofLondonBoy' for pointing this one out to me.  DLR must have printed zillions of £1 ruby stamps in 2008/09 for the 2009 Security launch as they managed to last through to the 30/08/2011 printing which had M11L.  Then there was a January 2012 printing which also had the M11L code on.  But now there is now a M12L printing.  

This is from the 15/03/12 printing - as a friend says, the ink can barely be dry on these, and they obviously go into the Swindon stores and then straight out again!

Now shall we be gracious and say that there wasn't enough time to print zillions during the 2011 reprint?  Some cynics will say that a small 2011 print would mean another in 2012 that collectors would want, but the January printing should have been M12L, so now we have another!  More money spent on stamps that wouldn't be used.  Hmm.

So how widespread are these £1 stamps?  Let us know where you found them.  

UPDATE: We know that the new gold booklets of 12 with M12L (see below) are quite widespread with three (at least) packing dates on what I am told was 'a short run'.   Leave us a comment.


  1. Given that we are about due for a new “Machin Collectors Pack” could the M12L reprints have been primarily intended for this, with excess being distributed to Post Offices? This could explain the lack of £1.10 & £1.65 reprints being reported and raises some points of speculation:

    Will the 50p be the original or a reprint?
    Will the 1st Class stamps be Gold or Jubilee?
    Will the £1.50 stamp be included, if so will it be original or a reprint?

  2. 24th April: Harlow very helpful today and checked but no "12" for £1, £1.10p, 68p or 76p but have books of 12 x 1st (not on main counters but on the 'shop'). Have plenty of £1 Year "11".
    Doug (Enfield)

  3. Purchased the £1 M12L in Streetly Walsall on Thursday 26th April, margin copy with print date 07/02/12.


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