Saturday 7 April 2012

Changes to 2012 special stamp programme.

Many readers will have seen today's announcement in the national and international media about Royal Mail's stamp issue for each Olympic Gold Medal winner, so I'm not going into great detail on that today.

Suffice to say that with miniature sheets of 6 x 1st class (60p) stamps costing £3.60, produced in A4 sheets of 4 miniature sheets (£14.40) for each winner (say 25) the cost is £360 - and that's without considering collecting sheets from the 6 different regional printers!  And for clarification any competitor who wins more than one event, either as an individual or as part of a team will be honoured appropriately.

There are other changes to the programme resulting from this block-buster.  Royal Mail have decided to postpone the Dinosaurs issue scheduled for October to 2013 and the Space Science stamp set will now be issued on 16 October 2012.

The remainder of the 2012 Stamp Programme is therefore as follows:
10 Apr - A-Z of the UK Part 2
15 May - Great Brtiish Fashion
31 May - The Diamond Jubilee
19 Jun - Charles Dickens
27 Jul - Welcome to the Olympics
29 Aug - Welcome to the Paralympics
27 Sep - Memories of the Games
16 Oct - Space Science (instead of Dinosaurs)
06 Nov - Christmas

As mentioned before the 2nd Class value will be reintroduced in selected stamp issues, starting with the Charles Dickens set and the Dickens Miniature Sheet, not in the original programme but first announced as a range of 1st and Overseas rate stamps, will now feature 4 x 1st Class stamps.

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