Tuesday 10 April 2012

Machin and Country Definitives for new tariff 25 April

Royal Mail have supplied publicity photos for all the new stamps to be issued on 25 April in connection with new postage rates.  Unfortunately these are only design studio mock-ups so the Machins show completely wrong security overlays and the airmail versions have no security slits.

Note that the 6 February self-adhesive (small) Jubilee definitive appears in this pack.


  1. The value tablet on the jubilee 1st class (small) stamp is much lower than on the other values. I thought this might be just the mock-up image, but looking at the actual stamps it is just the same. Any ideas why they moved the value down on the jubilee stamps as compared to the gold ones (and all the other recent values)? It looks pretty poor IMHO.

    1. Interesting point, Rob. I don't think anybody has made that comparison between the gold and diamond blue Machins before.

      The 1ST is at that level on all the stamps in the DJ miniature sheet except for the Wilding-based one. Perhaps that is the origin of this change?


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