Wednesday 28 September 2011

Bulk Mailers using stamps - a register, with your help

I was given a mailing from Taylor's Port today, a 2nd class blue stamp with a wavy line laser or ink-jet cancellation.  I was hopeful that they were using the same stamps as the Sunday Times Wine Club, but it was not the case.  This is the 'Sunday Times' stamp:

I thought a register of Business Direct Mail users and what stamps they use might be helpful.  so:

April 2011 Royal Mail Royal Wedding - 1st class SA coil 2009 - MRIL MAIL
July 2011  Sunday Times Wine Club - 2nd class SA coil 2010 - MRIL MA10
?? 2011  Taylor's Port - 2nd class Business sheet 2010 - MBIL MA10
---- 2011  One of the credit card companies (agents) sends out new cards using coil stamps but so far seem to be stuck with 2009.

March 2012 update: The British Heart Foundation also uses 2nd class coil stamps, this is the 2009 self-adhesive:

 (Thanks, Michael)

Let us know of any additions to this list, by email or using the comments box; either way I'll add them to the list.

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  1. mgmadvantage are using 2nd class large business sheet stamps MA11 MBIL today 26.10.11


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