Wednesday 14 September 2011

Sunday Times update: 4th 2nd class MA10 MRIL discovered

Update: I was thinking that this report was only the second occurrence but I've been reminded that there was a comment against the original entry from a reader who also had one.   That would make three, but I have been told of another held by a dealer/collector, so that's four.  More may well turn up in kiloware, and of course more could be used on other mailings from the STWC or others. 

We've heard from another collector that he has found a copy of this stamp:

The 2nd class coil (MRIL) stamp self-adhesive with MA10 year code is only known (so far) used by a mailer for the Sunday Times Wine Club, and we know of only two copies in collectors' hands.  We understand that a single roll of 10,000 of the MA10 version was used on the mailing - how many ended in the bin?

If you're a member of the Sunday Times Wine Club and haven't yet thrown out your mail - we are interested in buying this and will pay well!


  1. I have an MRIL MA10 self adhesive stamp, but it does not have the security slots. Is this stamp unusual? Ian

    1. If it doesn't have security slits, I suspect it is NOT self-adhesive, but conventionally gummed as these are readily available. The vertical perfs will be blunted (I had very few 'full' perfs on my supplies from Royal Mail), and the top and bottom may be cut/guillotined by the machine applying them to the envelope.

      It may LOOK to be self-adhesive, but it isn't, I doubt. Send me a good scan - ian at

  2. What about 1st class adhesive with security slits MA10 MTIL and MSIL?

    1. Browse through the rest of the blog, and you will see many references to the MTIL (books of 12) and MSIL (books of 6) stamps. See also

  3. So, 8 years later and what else is known? Shortly after this article was written I found about 7 in some kiloware.
    With the hype at the time, I sold one on eBay for £90. Then the market seemed to be almost flooded with them (slight exaggeration) and my next eBay listing of one sold for just £7!

    Having just got my albums and stock books out for the first time in about 6 years, I have just discovered 4 that I has put away.
    What's the latest? Are they still sought after?


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